Germany approves Ford's new technology

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Ford launches semi-autonomous driving technology in Germany

Ford launched its vehicles with “Level 2+” semi-autonomous driving technology in Germany. The German Federal Motor Vehicles and Transport Authority (KBA) has approved Ford's Blue Cruise technology.

Thanks to this technology, Ford drivers will be able to use the steering wheel without their hands on certain highway sections.

Blue Cruise technology will first be offered in the all-electric sports car Mustang Mach-E. If the infrared camera detects situations such as when the driver is asleep or browsing the internet on his smartphone, it will sound a warning, and if the driver does not react, the vehicle will brake gently.

Initially, the Blue Cruise function can only be ordered on the Mustang Mach-E model. An additional fee will be paid to activate the system and monthly or annual subscription options will be offered. However, in the future, the cost is expected to decrease when the system is ordered at the time of vehicle purchase.

It is stated that a total of 175 million km has been covered with Ford's Blue Cruise mode in the USA and Canada. BlueCruise has been available in North America since 2021.

It was noted that BlueCruise was also successfully tested in the United Kingdom, with assistance systems that can adapt to difficult conditions such as worn road signs, bad weather conditions and road works.

Ford's new semi-autonomous technology may be launched in other European countries in the coming days. What is on the roads of our country zamOf course, it is a matter of curiosity whether it will be opened for use now.