Alfa Romeo reprimanded for Bottas arriving late to press conference

bottas reprimand

Alfa Romeo reprimanded for Bottas being late to press conference

In Formula 1, press conferences are events of great importance by the FIA. Pilots are required to attend these meetings without excuses.

At press conferences before the Dutch Grand Prix weekend, the late Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas has come under scrutiny by the FIA.

Team representatives claimed responsibility, stating that Bottas' schedule had been changed but he was not notified.

After the incident, the FIA ​​reprimanded Alfa Romeo and warned that such an infringement should not happen again.

"Team representatives stated that the schedules of both Alfa Romeo drivers were changed, but they did not inform Bottas early enough where they should be," the FIA ​​said in a statement.

“They also stated that [Bottas] has been given additional time to ensure that all media have an opportunity to speak with him.

“The FIA ​​media delegate also informed the stewards that the team and pilot concerned are generally attentive to attending such meetings.

“Since this was understood to be a team error, the stewards decided that the most appropriate penalty was a reprimand to the team rather than the driver, and warned that if repeated, other penalties could be on the agenda.” statements were included.