Porsche Logo Renewed! Here's the New Porsche Logo

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Porsche, one of the leading brands in the automobile world, announced that it will change its logo with a surprise decision.

Porsche continues to be true to its long history and perfectionist approach in the automobile industry. With the latest developments, Porsche redesigned its famous logo and took an exciting step into the future journey of the brand.

The new Porsche logo offers a modern twist and contemporary look, while remaining true to the brand's classic and iconic design. The Porsche name in the logo has been rearranged to be placed inside a round label. Compared to the old logo, a more minimalist approach was taken and the typeface was redesigned to be simpler and more elegant.

Here is the New Logo!


Another remarkable change was made in the logo colors. The black, gold and red colors of the classic Porsche logo are used in a more modern and sophisticated interpretation in the new logo. While black is still retained as the primary color of the logo, the golden font and thin red lines represent the brand's energy and passion.

Strong Legacy, Forward-Looking Perspective

The renewed logo presents a vision that reflects Porsche's future goals and progress. It shows that the brand is constantly open to innovations and aims to adapt to the expectations of the modern world. While the redesigned logo highlights Porsche's strong heritage, it zamAt the same time, it also emphasizes the forward-looking perspective and innovative spirit of the brand.

Porsche's Journey Continues With Innovative Designs

Porsche's renewed logo continues to represent the same passion and superior quality as the brand's cars. This new design is expected to become a symbol emphasizing Porsche's strength and uniqueness, further increasing the brand's popularity around the world. Now, Porsche continues on its way with its innovative designs that will attract the attention of both car enthusiasts and loyal fans of the brand.