Lexus Introduces Extraordinary New B SUV Model LBX

Lexus Introduces Extraordinary New B SUV Model LBX
Lexus Introduces Extraordinary New B SUV Model LBX

Lexus made the world premiere of a product that was very different from the models it produced before, and introduced the completely new LBX model. Lexus made the world premiere of a product that was very different from the models it produced before, and introduced the completely new LBX model. LBX, which enables the Lexus brand to enter a new segment, zamAt the same time, it changes the luxury understanding of the new customer base in this segment. Lexus' new B SUV model will be available in Turkey as well as Europe from the first quarter of 2024. Lexus makes a name for itself with its wide range of SUVs, with the addition of the LBX to its product range, including the UX, NX, RX and fully electric RZ.

“Lexus LBX will be one of the most preferred Lexus models in Turkey”

Making evaluations at the world launch of Lexus' new model, Chairman and CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “Lexus is a brand that has proven itself in the field of SUVs. In Turkey, all our SUV models have been the most popular products since the first day. Earlier, we underlined that Lexus is in the attack phase and we stated that this will be supported with products. The LBX, which we will start to offer in the Turkish market in 2024, is the most accessible model of Lexus with its competitive price. zamIt will be one of our most preferred tools at the moment. We believe that it will be in high demand as it is a model that we can offer SCT advantage thanks to its 1.5-liter engine volume. We have a potential of 2024 thousand as a brand for 2, but due to supply problems, how many vehicles we can find will determine our sales numbers. However, the new LBX will represent 2024 percent of our sales in 25, making it our second best-selling model after the RX.”

Lexus LBX

Reflects Lexus' new identity

One of the most striking design elements of the LBX was the front section, which reinterpreted the "spindle grille" design that marked the last 10 years of the brand and brought Lexus into a new era. While Lexus reinterpreted its signature front grille design, it succeeded in creating a design that would make the model look like a Lexus at first glance. The seamless and frameless grille integrated into the headlights combines with the spindle body design of the LBX, displaying a dynamic stance. This aerodynamic and powerful design continues at the rear of the vehicle as part of Lexus' new design language.

The LBX has a length of 4,190 mm, a width of 1,825 mm, a height of 1,545 mm and a wheelbase of 2,580 mm. Standing out with an aerodynamic design with its low hood, fluid body, rear roof spoiler and signals, the LBX underlines efficiency, driving stability and performance.

The LBX was the first model built on Lexus' GA-B global architecture platform. This platform provides the LBX model with a low center of gravity, wide track, short front and rear overhangs and high body rigidity.

Lexus LBX

LBX offers unmatched driving pleasure with its new generation hybrid engine

The LBX is equipped with the Lexus hybrid system, which includes a new generation self-charging 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. Redesigned and made more compact to increase efficiency, the full hybrid system produces 136 DIN hp maximum power and 185 Nm maximum torque. Paired with the more compact new E-CVT transmission, the new bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery in the LBX model provides more electric motor power during accelerations, while increasing all-electric drive capability. With its new power unit, the LBX offers an enjoyable performance with impressive handling characteristics in the city and on winding roads. The LBX accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 9.2 seconds.

The LBX's qualities as a true SUV include the Lexus E-Four all-wheel drive option with an additional electric motor on the rear axle. When accelerating, cornering and driving on low-grip surfaces, the system automatically transfers power to the rear wheels, keeping the vehicle stable.

An elegant, simple and high-quality cabin

Lexus designed a simple and elegant cabin to reflect the atmosphere and feel of a higher segment vehicle. In this way, a cabin with a wide viewing angle, a spacious living area and a strong-feeling center console were obtained.

The LBX model, which was created using a new coating technique, features Tsuyusami charcoal embellishments and gives a feeling of greater depth to the vehicle's cabin. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, complements the Omotenashi hospitality philosophy effect, which feels good and makes everyone feel at home. The lighting design, which highlights different parts of the cabin, offers 50 color options, including themes that evoke different moods.

The Tazuna cockpit concept, which was introduced for the first time in the NX SUV model and transfers the natural communication of the riders with the horses to the cars, was also used in the LBX model. All controls are positioned to require the smallest hand and eye movement from the driver, and with the LBX the driver zamNow he can focus completely on driving. This concept is taken further by the new 12.3-inch digital instrument display, used for the first time in Lexus. The design of the digital instruments can be changed according to the selected driving mode or personal preferences. Standing out with its practical use, the LBX offers luggage volume up to 332 liters. The LBX can also be preferred with an optional electrically opening tailgate.

Lexus LBX

Comprehensive security features with LBX

The LBX is equipped with the latest generation Lexus Safety System+. Lexus Safety System +, which includes comprehensive active safety and driver assistance systems, has features that automatically control steering, braking and propulsion to detect accident risks, warn the driver and prevent a collision when necessary. Key features include Collision Avoidance System working with Junction Turn Assistant, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assistant and Traffic Sign Detection System. There are also Driver Monitor, Intelligent Parking Sensors with Auto Brake, Rear Cross Traffic Alert System and Blind Spot Monitor for safer driving and maneuvers. The e-latch electric door opening system with the Safe Exit Assistant feature detects dangers, including bicycles coming from behind, and prevents accidents that may occur when the door is opened.