Turkey's Cheapest Car Will No Longer Be Sold


Having the title of Turkey's cheapest car, the i10 will no longer be sold.

Hyundai has decided to stop the sale of Turkey's cheapest zero kilometer car, the i10. It has also become clear that the Hyundai Kona model will not be sold in Türkiye. For this reason, Hyundai June 2023 price list did not include the i10 and Kona models. In this way, the most suitable model in Hyundai is now the i609, which is offered for sale with a price of 20 thousand TL.

Haziran Zam It's a Bear

South Korean Automaker Hyundai has announced its current price list for June 2023. All models of the brand, without exception, in June zam seen to do.

ZamJune 2023 i20 Price Listi

i20 Fuel Type Transmission Type Azami / Maximum
List price
Azami / With Maximum Campaign
Sale price
1.4 MPI 100PS Jump Petrol Manual 609.000 TL 609.000 TL
1.4 MPI 100PS Jump Petrol Automatic 659.000 TL 659.000 TL
1.4 MPI 100PS Style Petrol Automatic 670.000 TL 670.000 TL
1.4 MPI 100 PS Style Plus Petrol Automatic 707.000 TL 707.000 TL
1.4 MPI 100PS Elite Petrol Automatic 738.000 TL 738.000 TL
1.0 T-GDI 100 PS Style Petrol DCT 712.000 TL 712.000 TL