Special Commendation Award from UITP to Autonom e-ATAK, Leader of the European Market

Special Commendation Award from UITP to Otonom e ATAK, Leader of the European Market
Special Commendation Award from UITP to Autonom e-ATAK, Leader of the European Market

Karsan, which made its way to the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, presented the 6-meter e-JEST, 8-meter Autonomous e-ATAK and 12-meter e-ATA Hydrogen models to the participants. Karsan continues its efforts to increase its power in the European market. Offering Europe's most preferred models to the market in a short time with its electric mobility move, Karsan continues to participate in the world's leading fairs to further increase its brand awareness.

Autonomous e-ATAK, one award from UITP

In this context, Karsan took its place at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit held in Barcelona on June 5-7, with its product range, each of which is the leader of its field. Bringing together all transportation solutions, sector officials, operators and participants, the fair draws attention as the world's largest event in the field of sustainable mobility. Karsan, which opened its doors with the theme of "Bright Light of the City", where integrated transportation platforms and new transportation services were introduced, considers it an important opportunity to establish new connections. Karsan took part in the fair, which started on June 5, with its 6-meter e-JEST, 8-meter Autonomous e-ATAK and 12-meter e-ATA Hydrogen, each one step ahead in its class.

Explaining that the driverless Autonomous e-ATAK with its groundbreaking innovative technology in public transportation was presented with the Special Appreciation Award within the scope of UITP, Okan Baş said, “We managed to attract attention in the North American market after Europe with our ambitious and bounty hunter models. Our e-JEST and e-ATAK models stand out as the most preferred electric vehicles in their segment in Europe. In the North American market, which we recently entered, we, as Karsan, are leading the electric transformation in the market with e-JEST, the first electric minibus of the region.”

Emphasizing that Karsan is the first and only brand in Europe with its electric option in all sizes, Okan Baş said, “20 Karsan branded electric minibuses and buses provide service in 700 different countries of the world. This is a great pride for us as a 100 percent local Turkish brand. We are one step ahead in the field of autonomous transportation by breaking new ground with Autonomous e-ATAK, which carries passengers in Europe and the USA. In addition to these, we are at the top of the sector in the hydrogen technology we invest in. Our 12-meter e-ATA Hydrogen model, which we exhibited at the fair, is one step ahead of its competitors with the best range and passenger capacity in its class.”

Karsan CEO Okan Baş continued his words as follows:

“We have been the leader of the electric minibus market for 3 years with our e-JEST model in Europe. With our e-ATAK model, we have been the leader of the European electric midibus market for 2 years. Karsan has made nearly 4 percent of Turkey's electric minibus and bus exports in the last 90 years. So we are one step ahead again.”

Emphasizing that they were the most growing brand in Europe last year, Okan Baş said, “We achieved 2022 percent growth in 277. Karsan was the brand that grew the most in the European electric bus market, which weighs more than 8 tons. And in 2022, our market share reached 6,5 percent in the electric minibus and bus market in Europe. The figures we call 6,5 market share were created by the work we focused on in only 5-6 countries. If we increase the number of countries, we will achieve a much stronger growth.”

“We will focus on Italy”

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “In fact, 2022 was the first year that we had a full presence in the market with our entire product range. It was a sowing year for us. On the one hand, we started to collect the results, but in fact, we as Karsan are a new brand in Europe. As a brand, our target is Europe first and then North America. Our goal in Europe is to double our electric vehicle sales and increase our market share. Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and France are the markets we have started, developed and expanded for 2,5 years. We became the market leader in Luxembourg in 2022. We have the largest electric bus park in Portugal and Romania. In France, one of the largest markets in Europe, we finished 2022 in third place in the electric public transportation market. Italy, Spain and Bulgaria are the markets we have just entered in terms of electric. We will focus on these markets,” he said.

“We want to make Karsan a world brand”

Emphasizing that they said multiplied by 2 last year and they succeeded, Okan Baş said:

“Our goal in 2023 is to double our electric vehicle sales figures. In the North American market, we will reflect the journey we started with Canada to the United States. One of our primary goals this year is to expand our presence in the North American market. We also want to enter new markets and add new markets besides Europe and North America. In this direction, we signed a very important agreement last month. Karsan enters the Japanese market with e-JEST. What excites us; the fact that this product attracts the customer. Succeeding in the right-hand drive Japanese market is something very precious. This will also be an opportunity for us to enter other right-hand drive markets. In this direction, we continue to work on the UK and Indonesia. We want to make Karsan a global brand in the world of public transportation. We are going that way too. We see this year as a very important step in expanding our playground to the whole world.”