GOE Continues to Increase Its Interest in Turkey Without Slowing Down


Making life easier with its easy-to-charge electric motorcycles, GOE offers a new lifestyle with its stylish and minimalist designs.

Attracting attention in Turkey with its innovative structure, GOE met with the interested parties for the first time at the Motobike fair held on April 27-30 and introduced 4 different models to the participants.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

GOE, which has made sustainability a priority for the future of our world, both supports the reduction of carbon footprint thanks to its Bosch brand electric motor and eliminates traffic and noise pollution in the city due to its silent driving.

Can be used without the need for a motorcycle license

Another feature that stands out is that it is possible to enjoy driving with only a car license, without the need for a motorcycle license to use GOE motorcycles. Equipped with smart technology, GOE motorcycles carry the ride quality and comfort to the next level with their LED headlights and LCD instrument panel, while offering the opportunity to charge them wherever you want thanks to the LG brand portable battery.

Indispensable motorcycle of summer months

It will be enough to follow the Goe social accounts to get to know and test the GOE brand motorcycles, which aim to make the summer months enjoyable. You can visit the website to follow GOE, which makes a difference with its sustainability, easy use and unique style, and its developments.

GOE Electric Motorcycle Prices

GOE Electric Motorcycle Prices are as in the table below.

Model Model year Recommended Retail Price
GoeX2 2023 83.900,00 TL
GoeX6 2023 98.600,00 TL
GoeX6 Max 2023 130.000,00 TL
GoeX8 Max 2023 136.000,00 TL