Accurate Installation of Battery in Electric Vehicle Production is Critical

Accurate Installation of Battery in Electric Vehicle Production is Critical
Accurate Installation of Battery in Electric Vehicle Production is Critical

Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik Turkey Automotive Division Marketing Manager Anıl Saygılı said, “The battery accounts for 30 percent of the production cost of the electric vehicle. It is very important that the process can be digitally controlled step by step by the operator for error-free assembly.”

While electric vehicle production is developing rapidly in Turkey, digitalization and transformation in production have become the most important topics of the sector. To industry; Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik, which provides high quality industrial power tools, quality assurance products, assembly solutions as well as software services; While determining the electric vehicle battery assembly as its primary focus, it supports automotive manufacturers in complex projects in this field.

Anıl Saygılı, Marketing Manager of Atlas Copco Industrial Technical Turkey Automotive Division, stated that they aim to provide digitalization and transformation in electric vehicle production with the high-level technology they offer in assembly processes; “Electric vehicle battery assembly is an extremely critical process. The battery accounts for 30 percent of the production cost of a vehicle. For this reason, a mistake made in the battery causes a huge financial loss.”

Underlining that as Atlas Copco they realized the importance of this issue many years ago, Saygılı stated that they made strategic purchases related to all steps and thus, they specialized in all stages of battery assembly with an integrated know-how.

“70 percent of the automotive industry has switched to digital production”

Saying that digitalization is very important in production processes and that 70 percent of manufacturers in the automotive industry have switched to digital production, Saygılı added that digital transformation is happening very quickly, especially in passenger car production, since there are many products that operators have to control.

Underlining that digitalization also increases productivity, Anıl Saygılı said, "One of the trends in production is the factories that do not use paper, known as 'no papers factory'. This is a process that can only be possible with digitalization. Too much paper is used in factories. In the factories that switched to this system; Many processes such as making measurements on paper, verifying, transferring these measurements to a computer and checking are eliminated. This is both sustainability and zamIt is a very important issue in terms of time management and very effective in increasing productivity.”

“Reduces the energy cost in the assembly process with the Tensor IxB series”

Saying that sustainability and efficient use of energy in production are the top priority for Atlas Copco, Saygılı said that with its new energy-saving products, it zamHe stated that they responded very quickly to their changing expectations. Drawing attention to the fact that the most important need of the industry is to reduce the energy cost in production, he introduced the Tensor IxB tool series, which they produced as a Smart Factory project from the perspective of industry 4.0 and which they believe will revolutionize the assembly process.

Saying that they developed Tensor IxB as an ideal solution for the demands of today and the future, Saygılı conveyed the benefits of Tensor IxB as follows: zamBy showing instant integration, it quickly provides holistic process control. It can easily make adjustments and rebalances in the production line, thanks to its capabilities such as controlling accessories independently, managing tightening programs, establishing high-quality connections, and data exchange. In this way, the energy cost of the boringers is greatly reduced. With Tensor IxB, we achieve 2,5 times faster station setup, 50 percent faster rebalancing time, 30 percent faster tightening.”

“We share our battery assembly experiences with electric vehicle manufacturers in Turkey”

Saying that battery assembly is a very comprehensive process in electric vehicle production, Saygılı said, "Battery assembly is one of the most important steps in vehicle production because when the battery is installed incorrectly, it is directly scrapped. This assembly has 10 different processes and as Atlas Copco Industrial Teknik, we are the only company in the world that can do all the processes. Electric vehicle production in our country is new, but Atlas Copco's experience in the world allows us to manage the process here very well. We are sharing our superior experience in battery assembly with manufacturers who have started to produce electric vehicles in Turkey at the moment, conveying the importance of the subject.