Audi Users Enjoy Charging Their Vehicles Zammoment will pass

Audi Users Enjoy Charging Their Vehicles Zammoment will pass
Audi Users Enjoy Charging Their Vehicles Zammoment will pass

The third of the Audi Charging Centers, which brings a new meaning to the concept of charging stations, was put into service in Berlin. As in Nuremberg and Zurich, there are four fast charging points in the charging center where the batteries in the second phase of their life will serve as storage.

The facility, which was put into service in Berline, takes a different approach to energy connection. Thanks to the cooperation with Frischeparadies, future users of the Audi Charging Center in Berlin will be able to experience “pleasure waiting” during charging instead of boredom.
Audi has put into service the third of Audi Charging Centers in Berlin, where it brings a new understanding to the concept of stations where electric cars will be charged.

Aiming to offer a convenient and above all a reliable fast charging option in the city center to electric car users, most of whom do not have the ability to charge at home, Audi generally responds to the charging demand of vehicle users returning to their homes in cities. The storage unit in the Charge Center, which is mostly built in such a way that customers have 30 to 40 minutes to charge in their daily routine, always provides a constant energy supply of 320 kW at each charging point.

Quick solution to intense customer demand

In case of high demand in the Charging Centers, which Audi users benefit from with the reservation system, it is possible to add another power unit quickly. Also, thanks to the modular concept, four charging points can be quickly expanded to six. This makes it possible to respond instantly to higher demand.

Audi collaborates with Frischeparadies, which has shopping opportunities and a gourmet bistro at the Charging Center in Berlin. The most important difference of this new facility from the charging centers in Nuremberg and Zurich is that it is connected to the electricity grid of Frischeparadies. The developed dynamic, intelligent grid control actively measures how much power Frischeparadies draws from the grid. In this way, Frischeparadies enables Audi to use energy if the energy demand on the grid is low. This eliminates the need for an additional power connection. It enables the best use of the existing grid infrastructure, as the 1,05 MWh battery storage system makes the charging center independent in terms of power requirements.

The battery storage systems in the Audi Charging Center use the high-capacity batteries of the Audi e-tron test vehicles. In this way, in a sense, the batteries are given a second life. Three power units with 198 modules each and a storage unit with 330 modules are installed at the plant in Nuremberg. All of these make up 924 modules in total. Berlin has a total of 1,05 modules with a capacity of 396 MWh, equivalent to 14 Audi Q4 e-trons.

Planning to open an Audi Charging Center in Salzburg and behind it in Munich in the coming days, Audi will offer areas without lounges in the first plan. Aiming to cooperate for service facilities, Audi also aims to gather the opinions of customers with compact versions in order to provide the best possible service.