Anadolu Isuzu Made a Sound at UITP Summit with Its Innovative and Environmentalist Models

Anadolu Isuzu Made a Sound at UITP Summit with Its Innovative and Environmentalist Models
Anadolu Isuzu Made a Sound at UITP Summit with Its Innovative and Environmentalist Models

Anadolu Isuzu made a splash at the International Public Transport Association (UITP) Global Public Transport Summit, one of the most prestigious events in the commercial automotive industry, with its innovative and environmentally friendly models. The company, which participated in the event with the latest electric bus models and the BIG.e electric truck, which is a new addition to its all-electric range in the micromobility segment, attracted great attention from the visitors with its powerful product range.

Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu reinforces its strong growth momentum in domestic and international markets with its active participation in international sectoral events with its innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles. Anadolu Isuzu, which has achieved significant success in world markets with its high volume of bus exports in recent years, introduced its innovative and environmentalist vehicles to the public at the International Union of Public Transport Association (UITP) Global Public Transport Summit held in Barcelona, ​​Spain between 4-7 June 2023. .

Anadolu Isuzu; With its impressive product range consisting of CitiVOLT, NovoCITI Volt and Citiport CNG buses, as well as its electric truck BIG.e in the micromobility segment, it attracted great attention and appreciation at UITP, one of the most important events of the commercial vehicle industry. UITP Global Public Transport Summit functions as a platform where leading commercial vehicle brands and related sub-industry companies come together.

Anadolu Isuzu is among the playmakers of the commercial vehicle industry

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan expressed his views on the company's participation in the UITP Summit with the following words:

“As Anadolu Isuzu, we have a strong history and expertise of more than 40 years in commercial vehicle production. We are constantly improving our production quality and expanding our product range. As a result, we not only strengthened our presence in the market and diversified our products, but also expanded our reach with a wide range of export destinations as well as the domestic market. As Anadolu Isuzu, we are proud to be a part of the UITP Summit, which brings together the important stakeholders of the global bus production industry. We are pleased with the intense interest in our vehicles, which we produce with our vast experience and expertise in commercial vehicle production. Our environmentally friendly, innovative, comfortable and modern mid-size buses and coaches, which we produce with our 'Tailor-made Manufacturing' model in our state-of-the-art smart factory, successfully serve the cities of the world.”

“We export our buses and midibuses, which are the product of our continuous growth journey, to more than 45 countries around the world. As Anadolu Isuzu, we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative change by blending sustainability with technology. Not only does it follow trends, it also zamWe are also pioneers in the development and application of innovative technologies. In line with our global growth targets, we are working to further increase our success in both domestic and international markets by strengthening our expertise in commercial vehicle production for the foreseeable future.”

Models of Anadolu Isuzu at the UITP Summit

BIG.e: Anadolu Isuzu exhibited BIG.e, a cutting-edge micro-mobility solution that meets the transportation needs of urban areas. A practical and robust all-electric alternative, BIG.e revolutionizes the concept of micro-mobility and can be easily charged from the standard city grid.

Isuzu Citivolt: Anadolu Isuzu's new 12-meter bus stands out with its stylish design that offers fully electric driving and zero emissions. In addition to its state-of-the-art features, rich equipment and emission-free advantage, Citivolt provides advanced performance thanks to its powerful electric motor.

NovoCiti Volt: Designed to be compatible with the future trends of public transportation, Isuzu NovoCiti VOLT creates a pleasant travel atmosphere for passengers with its spacious and comfortable interior design. Equipped with a high performance 268 kWh battery capacity, the NovoCiti VOLT provides an impressive range of up to 400 km.

Citiport CNG: Isuzu Citiport takes on the function of being a smart choice for public transportation with its options of both 12 and 18 meters. In addition to its powerful and environmentally friendly CNG engine, Citiport has a low-floor platform, chassis tilt system and wheelchair ramp to increase accessibility; It stands out with advantages such as low fuel consumption, high passenger capacity and long maintenance intervals.