TRŞ Continues with the 47th Green Bursa Rally

TRŞ Continues with Green Bursa Rally
TRŞ Continues with the 47th Green Bursa Rally

The second race of Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkey Rally Championship, Beydağ Int Yapı 47th Green Bursa Rally, will be held in Bursa on 77-154 May with the participation of 19 cars and 21 athletes. Organized by Bursa Automobile Sports Sports Club (BOSSEK), the rally will start with the start ceremony to be held in front of Sheraton Bursa on Friday, May 19 at 20.00. In the rally, the total length of the teams is 470 km for two days. They will compete in 10 special stages on the asphalt-floored track.

Apart from 34 national teams, the first day of the rally, which includes 34 Erkan Bodur TOSFED Rally Cup and 7 historic rally participants, will start on Saturday, May 20, at 09.30, from the service area in the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium Parking Lot. First day; After passing the Delice, Sırma and Dağakça stages twice, it will end at 19.08. The second day of the rally will start at 21:09.00 on Sunday, 16.15 May, and after passing the Hüseyinalan and Soğukpınar stages twice, it will end at the finishing podium in front of Aloft Hotel Bursa at XNUMX.

Before the Yeşil Bursa Rally, Ümit Can Özdemir is the leader with 29 points, followed by Burak Çukurova with 23 points and Kağan Karamanoğlu with 17 points. While Castrol Ford Team in Turkey and GP Garage My Team are in the lead in brands, Kerim Tar and Erkan Bodur in the historical rally classification are in the first place in the TOSFED Rally Cup, and Kemal Çetinkaya is in the first place.

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