TOGG Competed with Champion Horses

TOGG Competed with Champion Horses ()
TOGG Competed with Champion Horses

Turkey's domestic and national car, TOGG, competed with the champion horses of TİGEM, which is world famous for its race horses, in Karacabey Stud Farm.

President at the wheel

Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan, who brought TOGG, which has shown great interest to Karacabey residents during the visit of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, to the district again, got behind the wheel of the vehicle and took his breath away at TİGEM Stud Farm.

Champions together

Visiting TİGEM's Karacabey Stud, which is frequently on the agenda of the country with the champion race horses he has trained, President Özkan brought together TOGG, which is the pride of our country, and champion horses, which are the pride of Karacabey.

In this interesting meeting, the champion horses made a small race with TOGG, used by President Ali Özkan. While the thoroughbred racehorses in the No. 1 manege ran on the grass, TOGG also sped on the dirt road next to it. President Özkan, who later switched to the number 2 mange, trained the race horses with TOGG here.

Özkan: “We brought the past together with the present and the future”

Explaining why he brought TOGG together with racehorses, Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan said, “World-famous thoroughbred racehorses have been raised in Tigem Stud Farm since the Ottoman period and are sold at auctions held in various periods. Our Arabian foals found here will also be offered for sale at Veli Efendi Racecourse in the coming days. On the one hand, our horses at our world-famous Karacabey Stud, and on the other hand, our TOGG automobile, which will be an important milestone in the March of the Century of Turkey, is our pride. We are happy to bring these horses and TOGG together in Karacabey. On the one hand, we are with our horses, which are the closest living species to us, which come from our tradition and represent us since the Central Asian culture. On the one hand, the guarantee of our future, the current favorite of technological investments, is the TOGG automobile. We are happy to bring the past, the present and the future together.”

TOGG Competed with Champion Horses

Classic vehicles showed up with TOGG

Ali Özkan, who went to the city center after the meeting at the farm, brought together TOGG and classic vehicles here. The people of Karacabey also showed great interest in the convoy made by TOGG in the district center with classical vehicles. After the district tour, TOGG was taken in front of the city hall in Cumhuriyet Square and presented to the citizens. Citizens who closely examined TOGG took lots of photos with both TOGG and President Özkan.

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