TEMSA Will Support Adana's Green Transformation

TEMSA Will Support Adana's Green Transformation
TEMSA Will Support Adana's Green Transformation

TEMSA, one of the biggest supporters of municipalities in Turkey with its domestic vehicles designed and manufactured in Adana, delivered a total of 6 new vehicles, 81 of which are electric, to Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

TEMSA, one of the most important representatives of the Turkish industry abroad, continues to expand its vehicle park in the country as well as its growth in global markets. TEMSA, which supports municipalities in Turkey to reduce the age of the fleet and to reduce the cost pressure on the public with vehicles with high fuel efficiency, has signed one of the largest deliveries in Turkey in the recent period, together with Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

81 domestic vehicles designed and produced by TEMSA in Adana were delivered to Adana Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the ceremony in which Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu and TEMSA executives were present. Delivered 45 Avenue LF Diesel, 10 Prestige SX, 10 MD9 LE Diesel, 10 LDSB and 6 MD9 electriCITY with electric motors support the green transformation of Adana, while the average age of the public transportation vehicles within the scope of Adana Metropolitan Municipality is less than 12, together with these vehicles. dropped to 5. On the other hand, with the new delivery, the number of TEMSA branded vehicles in the Adana Metropolitan Municipality fleet has increased to 323.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony held at Tüyap Adana International Fair and Congress Center with the slogan “Welcome Comfort”, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar said, “We have brought Adana to modern buses with our 81 vehicles that we bought without borrowing. May our modern buses, which will provide great convenience in transportation, be beneficial to our city and our citizens.

TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, on the other hand, underlined that TEMSA is a company that was born and grew up in Adana, “Of course, all our cities, all our municipalities are very important to us. But taking part in such a delivery ceremony in our own home, in Adana, has a different meaning for us. I hope that the vehicles we delivered today will make significant contributions to Adana's green transformation with their environmentally friendly designs and engineering features. In this context, we would like to thank all of our relevant municipality management, especially Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, for this strong vision they have put forward.”


Emphasizing that TEMSA has been leading the sector in Turkey for 55 years, Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “Now, we are very happy to demonstrate our pioneering role in the fields of technology and sustainability. In electrification, which is at the center of the new generation of public transportation in the world, we are breaking new ground not only in our country but also on an international scale. While developing our country's first domestic electric bus together with ASELSAN, we also introduced Europe's first electric intercity bus in Hannover last year. While continuing to be the pioneer of these firsts, our factory in Adana is not only a production base, but also a production base. zamWe will continue to position it as a technology base at the moment. We are determined to take the electric vehicle mobilization, which we started in our country in the past period and strengthened with each passing day, even further. Today, we have 81 electric vehicles among 6 vehicles we have delivered to Adana Metropolitan Municipality. I hope we will increase the number of these vehicles in the near future. We hope that the approach shown by our Adana Metropolitan Municipality today will set an example for other municipalities. We, as TEMSA, are ready to fulfill all our responsibilities regarding the spread of Adana's green transformation in Turkey.”

TEMSA Deputy General Manager of Sales Hakan Koralp, on the other hand, stated that they are very happy to support the safe and comfortable transportation of the city with 5 different models they offer to Adana Metropolitan Municipality. We strive to make TEMSA the symbol of comfortable and safe public transportation, while pushing it to be good. We believe that all of our vehicles will contribute greatly to Adana's atmosphere and nature with their low fuel consumption and environmentally friendly engines. Thanks to these vehicles, the people of Adana will now have a much safer and more comfortable travel experience.”

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