TOGG Compatible Charging Stations Will Be Installed on OSBs

TOGG Compatible Charging Stations Will Be Installed on OSBs
TOGG Compatible Charging Stations Will Be Installed on OSBs

High-speed charging stations for electric vehicles will be established in organized industrial zones, where 67 thousand factories produce. Organized Industrial Zones Supervision (OSBÜK) and Eşarj Electric Vehicles Charging Systems Inc. A cooperation protocol was signed between According to the protocol signed by OSBÜK President Memiş Kütükcü and Eşarj General Manager Barış Altınay; OIZs will provide space for electric charging stations, and all the installations of the stations will be done by the contractor company Eşarj. All of the stations to be established will be compatible with Turkey's smart device TOGG.

Speaking at the protocol signing ceremony, Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBÜK) President Memiş Kütükcü wished the best for 67 thousand factories and TOGG compatible high-temperature charging stations to be established in organized industrial zones that realize 45 percent of Turkey's industrial production.

Stating that they are working with the aim of making the organized industrial zones a pioneer in the technological transformation of the industry, Kütükcü said, “As OSBÜK, we carry out our activities with the aim of making our organized industrial zones a pioneer in digitalization and technological transformation as well as industrial production. The cooperation protocol we signed with Eşarj will also contribute to these goals. Our goal with this protocol; To establish high-speed charging stations compatible with TOGG, Turkey's first innately electric smart device, in all our organized industrial zones in our 81 provinces. Both our businesses in the OIZ and our citizens will be able to benefit from the high-speed charging stations in our OIZs. When these stations, which will be operated by our OIZ directorates, are commissioned, we will have brought another service to our 67 thousand industrial enterprises in our OIZs. I would like to thank Eşarj for this cooperation.”


Kütükcü shared the information that electricity will be supplied to the charging stations in OIZs at more affordable prices than the market conditions, and said: “All license, license, insurance and subscription procedures regarding the establishment of the stations will be provided free of charge by Eşarj. You can also get support from customer services 7/24 regarding stations. At the stations that will provide 24-hour uninterrupted service, 2 vehicles can be charged at the same time.”


Indicating that more than 2 electric cars were sold in the Turkish automobile market in the first 6 months of this year, which is the total of the first 2 months of last year, Enerjisa Enerji CEO and Eşarj Chairman of the Board Murat Pınar said, We provide the experience of firsts in the ecosystem. Although the data and developments are low in terms of units, the growth rate of electric car sales reveals the interest of consumers in electric cars. As Eşarj, we are making our investments to increase the number and capacity of public charging stations per vehicle, with the confidence we have in this potential of our country. As Eşarj, in more than 263 cities; We have close to 60 stations, more than 400 of which are high speed (DC), over 600 sockets and an installed power of over 1.000 MWh. We will continue to offer the best experience to our people with the high-speed charging stations we will establish as Eşarj in organized industrial zones where a significant part of industrial production is carried out in Turkey. Our cooperation with the Supreme Organization of Organized Industrial Zones (OSBÜK) covers 40 active organized industrial zones in the first place, but will also include new zones to be commissioned in the coming period.


Reminding that our country was a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement last year in order to reduce the negative effects of the climate crisis, which is one of the top three items on the agenda of world leaders today, Murat Pınar continued his words as follows. “All Eşarj stations that we will establish in organized industrial zones will be devices that can charge 2 vehicles at the same time, high-speed (DC) and energy supplied from renewable energy sources. In this context, together with Eşarj, it will be an important step to measure and improve the carbon emissions of all OIZs in accordance with world standards, to ensure compliance with the 'Climate Change' and 'Green Transformation' policies and to raise awareness. As Eşarj, we aim to establish at least one high-speed charging station in 81 provinces by the end of the year in order to continue to provide our customers with the best and fastest experience.'

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