Mercedes-Benz New Sales Model Begins on May 15

Mercedes Benz New Sales Model Begins in May
Mercedes-Benz New Sales Model Begins on May 15

Mercedes-Benz, the world's most valuable luxury automobile brand, announced the new customer-oriented Sales Model it has implemented in Turkey. In the New Sales Model to be adopted for Automobiles and Light Commercial Vehicles, vehicle stock status will be followed transparently and the order process will be initiated either in the Online Store, which will be activated on May 15, or through agencies.

In this sales model, which is also a part of Mercedes-Benz's luxury strategy, dealers turn into agencies and their roles in furthering the perfect customer experience are differentiated. Through the Online Store or agencies, which will be commissioned as of May 15, customers can stock up on real vehicles. zamThey will be able to follow up instantly and transparently, and they will be able to reach the vehicle model they want with a single price valid throughout the country. With the loan options offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, customers will be able to choose the financing and Mercedes-Benz Insurance offer they find appropriate. While invoices will be issued by Mercedes-Benz Automotive for customers who choose the Mercedes-Benz agency they want to receive their vehicles from, agencies will continue to carry out vehicle registration, license plate and delivery procedures.

Şükrü Bekdikhan, President of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automobile Group: “With our new Sales Model, we carry our promise of providing the best customer experience”

“In an increasingly digital world, customers' purchasing habits are changing and our new sales model provides a consistent and transparent purchasing journey, whether online or physical. In addition, with our new model, the process of price comparison from different locations is eliminated, as pricing is presented in a transparent and uniform way, no matter where our customers choose to purchase a vehicle from.” Introducing the new sales model by saying:

“With the New Sales Model, we will further strengthen our bond with our customers, thanks to innovation, transparency and a much faster communication opportunity. Our agencies, with whom we designed this exciting transformation together, will continue to make a difference with their years of expertise and experience to advance the unique customer experience.”

Mercedes-Benz agencies, which will continue to play a key role with the new business model, will reduce their risk of financial and market fluctuations as they no longer have to keep stocks, and they will have the opportunity to focus more on customer demands and needs with a single price policy throughout the country. Agencies will continue to provide services such as product consultancy, test drive, vehicle delivery, second-hand vehicle sales, after-sales services, accessory sales and technical service as before.

Tufan Akdeniz, Member of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Light Commercial Vehicles: “We are the first country to switch to the New Sales Model with automobiles in light commercial vehicle sales”

“Among the countries where Mercedes-Benz operates, Turkey was the first country to implement the New Sales Model with automobiles in light commercial vehicle sales. Thanks to our new model, we have included many new applications that will maximize the customer experience into our processes. Online configurator and test drive reservation application are new applications that our customers can use directly, as well as improvements that indirectly affect this experience. Even after the commissioning of the New Sales Model, we, as Mercedes-Benz, and our agencies will continue to provide all kinds of support in fleet sales where the vehicles are configured much more specifically according to the demands of our customers.”

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