Female Co-Pilot Trainings Completed

Female Co Pilot Trainings Completed
Female Co-Pilot Trainings Completed

The 'Women Co-Pilot Trainings', organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) Women's Commission with the support of FIAT, was completed at TOSFED Körfez Racetrack last weekend.

The project, which continued in the form of online trainings with 900 participants in 3 groups, in which about 250 female supervisors and TOSFED Star Search participants were invited, continued with the practical training of 30 participants who were successful in the online exam at the end of the trainings.

A rally special stage was created at TOSFED Körfez Racetrack for the practical training where Orhan Avcıoğlu, Murat Bostancı, Dağhan Ünlüdoğan, Kaan Özşenler, Onur Vatansever, Burçin Korkmaz and Şeref Akgün took part as trainers. At this stage, the participants who wrote the road note first, then zamThey read the notes they wrote by applying the moment control and special stage start/finish procedures. With the training attended by TOSFED Deputy Chairman Nisa Ersoy and TOSFED Women's Commission President Bahar Sunman, an important step has been taken to bring new co-pilots to the sport.

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