Ford Vehicles Will Succeed With Their Talented Pilots

Ford Vehicles Will Succeed With Their Talented Pilots
Ford Vehicles Will Succeed With Their Talented Pilots

The 2023 Turkish Rally Championship, the first organization of the season in Turkish motor sports, continues at full speed with the Yeşil Bursa Rally. The organization, which will be run for the 47th time this year, will be held between 19-21 May.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which made its mark in history by winning the European championship to Turkey, has completed its preparations for the Green Bursa Rally, the second leg of the 2023 Turkey Rally Championship. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Turkey's youngest rally team, which dominated the podium in the Bodrum Rally and entered the season quickly, will compete with its full squad with powerful Ford vehicles and talented pilots in Bursa.

The start ceremony of the second race of the Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkey Rally Championship, which is being prepared by Bursa Automobile Sports Club (BOSSEK), will be held at the Sheraton Hotel on Friday, May 19 at 20.00:21. The rally, which will be run on asphalt for two days, will end with the finishing ceremony and award ceremony to be held at Aloft Hotel on Sunday, May XNUMX.

Turkey's first and only European champion rally team, Castrol Ford Team, young pilots Ali Türkkan, Efehan Yazıcı and Mert Yudulmaz will compete in the 47th Yeşil Bursa Rally with their powerful Ford vehicles.

Turkey's youngest team competes for leadership

Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Burak Erdener, who proved the speed of both themselves and their vehicles by leading the race for a long time with their 4-wheel drive Ford Fiesta Rally3 in the Bodrum Rally, which is the first race of the season, on dirt ground, showed what they could do on asphalt in the Yeşil Bursa Rally. they will show.

Efehan Yazıcı and his co-pilot Sevi Akal, who made a quick start to the season in the first race, are also aiming for the top. Efehan Yazıcı, who is the leader in the Young Drivers Championship and the second in the 2-Drive Championship, will start the Yeşil Bursa Rally to maintain his position in the championship and to find himself at the top. Sevi Akal, her co-pilot, who was trained by Castrol Ford Team Turkey, is the leader in the female co-pilots class.

Despite getting the first start of his career in Bodrum Rally, the youngest driver of the team, Mert Yudulmaz, who showed promise with his lap degrees, is participating in his first race on asphalt with his experienced co-pilot Özden Yılmaz and his two-wheel drive Fiesta R2T vehicle. Yudulmaz will start the Yeşil Bursa Rally with the aim of increasing his experience and speed.

The balance has changed in the Fiesta Rally Cup

The 'Fiesta Rally Cup', Turkey's longest running single brand rally cup, witnessed intense participation and fierce competition.

Despite sitting in the seat of Fiesta Rally3 for the first time in the last race, the team of Kağan Karamanoğlu and Oytun Albayrak came to the finish in the first place, while the team of Çağlayan Çelik and Sedat Bostancı came to the finish in second place and intimidated their more experienced rivals.

The presence of many Bursa pilots who will start as hosts in the Yeşil Bursa Rally will take the competition in this race to the next level.

A new one is added to the Fiesta Rally4s competing in the 3-wheel drive Rally3 category, which is seen as the future of rally sports in the world. The Turkish Rally Championship, in which 10 Fiesta Rally3s will compete in total, is in the position of the country in which the highest number of vehicles compete in this category worldwide.

Champion pilot Murat Bostancı guides young pilots

Castrol Ford Team Turkey's champion pilot Murat Bostancı is working as a pilot coach this year to transfer his experience and knowledge gained in Turkey and Europe for many years to the young pilots of the team.

Castrol Ford Team Türkiye; He left the 2022 rally season behind with the Turkey Rally Brands Championship, Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship, Turkey Rally Two Wheel Drive Championship, and the podiums and first places in the other classes he participated in. In addition, young pilot Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Burak Erdener won the only medal for Turkey in the FIA ​​Motorsports Games, where he participated as the Turkish National Team with the support of TOSFED.

Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Türkiye Rally Championship Schedule:

  • 10- 11 June Eskişehir Rally
  • 2-3 September Kocaeli Rally
  • 30 September - 1 October Istanbul Rally
  • 28-29 October 100th Anniversary Rally
  • 18- 19 November Aegean Rally

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