Ford Trucks Steps into the Scandinavian Market with Strategic Denmark Move

Ford Trucks Steps into the Scandinavian Market with Strategic Denmark Move
Ford Trucks Steps into the Scandinavian Market with Strategic Denmark Move

Ford Trucks, the global brand of Ford Otosan, which stands out with its engineering experience and 60 years of heritage in the heavy commercial sector, continues its worldwide growth with Denmark.

Following its expansion in Eastern and Central Europe, Ford Trucks opened successively in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Europe's largest markets, Germany and France, and continued its growth strategy with Austria, Albania and Estonia in 2022. With the Danish move, it stepped into the Scandinavian market and reached a total of 48 markets.

Ford Trucks, which has been successful in Europe with its wide product portfolio and innovative technologies, especially its tractor F-MAX, the winner of the 2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, will cooperate with FTD A/S in the Danish market, which has strategic importance in its expansion plans to northern countries.

Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Deputy General Manager, stated that they took important steps in terms of permanent and strong growth by opening successive openings in key markets in Europe, and said: We left one year behind. While we are breaking new ground, we also continue to write a success story in 2023. We believe that Denmark, one of the markets with the highest quality and service expectations in the heavy commercial sector, offers important opportunities for our brand, and we are very pleased to cooperate with FTD A/S, one of the leading and experienced organizations in the industry. Together with our partners, we aim to create value for our new customers with all our products and services, especially our internationally award-winning F-MAX.”

“We will be in 2024 countries by the end of 50”

Emrah Duman, emphasizing that Europe is Ford Trucks' main export market and that Denmark has a key role in its growth plans here, said, “Denmark is a very important market because it connects Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries to a market with more than a hundred million consumers. country. It is also one of the leading countries in Europe in the fields of technology and innovation. Operating in this country is a critical step in both our operations and our global growth plans. As Ford Trucks, we continue our growth plans in Europe without slowing down, the Netherlands and Switzerland will be next, our goal is to expand all over Europe. We aim to expand our global operations to 2024 countries by the end of 50.”

Ford Trucks pioneers sustainable transportation technologies of the future

Ford Trucks, which has been serving in the heavy commercial vehicle industry for more than 60 years with the aim of "being a companion who cares about its customers and improves their business", has started a great transformation journey with zero emission, connected and autonomous technologies with the "Generation F movement". It introduced its 0 electric truck, which is the apple of the eye of this journey, completely developed in Turkey from design to test processes, at the International Commercial Vehicle Fair (IAA) held in Hannover in 2022.

The truck with innovative technologies is a giant step forward for Ford Trucks to reach its target of zero emissions in heavy commercial vehicles by 2040. It also plays an important role in the realization of the target that 2030% of sales to Europe in 50 will consist of zero-emission vehicles. The electric truck will be on the roads of the world in 2024.

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