Tips for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles

Tips for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles
Tips for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles

With rising energy prices, the climate crisis and the gradual depletion of limited resources, energy savings are becoming more and more important. zambecomes more important than ever. 9 tips prepared by Danfoss experts for those who want to invest in a driver contribute to reducing energy costs, which are among the biggest costs of businesses.

Energy unit prices continue to increase day by day, increasing the costs of enterprises. According to the data of the World Energy Outlook, electrically powered motors are responsible for approximately 40 percent of the world's electrical energy consumption. The share of electric motors in the industry can go up to 65 to 75 percent, depending on the region and sector.

9 recommendations prepared by Danfoss for those who want to invest in drivers help to reduce energy consumption, which is the most important input item in facilities. By investing in drivers that can be applied to elevators, air conditioning systems and fans, as well as many other electric motors in businesses, more efficient business processes are created and the emission values ​​of businesses can be reduced.

Helps the investment pay for itself quickly

Drivers, which bring many advantages such as protecting electric motors from possible damage and prolonging their life, reduce the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft. It extends the life of the entire system by reducing the heat caused by frequent starts and stops. By reducing unplanned downtime and downtime, the drivers reduce spare parts costs and offer predictable maintenance advantages, helping to pay off the investment quickly. Here are 9 Danfoss suggestions to increase energy efficiency:

  • Speed ​​control is important
  • Choose easy targets
  • Frequency converter/Drive technology
  • Do not compromise system reliability
  • Check frequency converter/Drive efficiency
  • Take a closer look at engine technologies
  • Optimize your system with the 10-30-60 rule

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