Legendary Anadol with NFT Collection ZamEmbarked on a Sudden Journey

With the legendary Anadol NFT Collection ZamEmbarked on a Sudden Journey
Legendary Anadol with NFT Collection ZamEmbarked on a Sudden Journey

Anadol, Turkey's first domestic car designed for mass production, with its NFT collection zamwent on a sudden journey. The 750-piece collection was prepared by Zer, which also started to provide purchasing services in the field of new media, and Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Turkey's first and only industry museum. 10 works from the collection are exhibited in Otokoç Metazone at the coordinates of Decentraland -111,10.

Turkey's leading company in purchasing and supply chain management, Zer has signed a special collection with Turkey's first and only industry museum, the Rahmi M. Koç Museum (RMKM). The STC-1970 model of Anadol, the first domestic car designed and produced for mass production in the 16s, was revived with the NFT collection called RMKM-A Reflections in the blockchain, one of the important technologies of the future. The collection was deemed worthy of an award in the NFT/Web3 category, which was opened for the first time this year, as part of the MUSE Creative Awards, one of the prestigious international awards that crowns creative media designs.

750 unique works were produced within the scope of the collection, which brings together industrial history, technology and art around a common purpose. In the project, Rahmi M. Koç Museum is positioned as a mirror reflecting the industrial heritage from the past to the present, while Anadol STC-16 is the main element at the center of every design. 10 works selected from the private collection are exhibited in Metazone, Otokoç's experience area located in Decentraland at the coordinates -111,10.

Begüm Aydınoğlu: “We are making Anadol STC-16 alive again”

Anadol STC-16, the first automobile to be engineered and designed for mass production in Turkey, was designed by Eralp Noyan in 1971 as a sports car in order to add prestige to the Anadol brand in international races. The NFT adaptation of Anadol STC-16 was undertaken by meta architect Begüm Aydınoğlu, Web 3.0 Strategist Can Yurdakul and creative technology agency ME. The collection, which is offered with 17 different backgrounds, 8 different colors, 5 different platforms and two logo options, was created using the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure.

Begüm Aydınoğlu, who undertook the design of the project, described the work as follows: “We are reliving Anadol STC-16 digitally. While doing this, we want to revive its atmosphere, the emotions it creates in us and the traces it leaves without moving away from the design. That's why we don't just have an NFT artifact showing the car; We have an environment that reflects the car and the emotions it creates in us holistically. This dream reinterprets and aims to strengthen the relationship established by the user, owner and even the museum with the works in the physical world.”

Serhan Turfan: “We aimed to build a bridge between industrial heritage and the future”

Stating that they want to build a bridge between industrial heritage and the future by combining the unique design of Anadol STC-16 with NFT technology, Zer General Manager Serhan Turfan said, “As Zer, as of 2023, our media services procurement team will provide procurement services in metaverse, blockchain and Web 3.0 focused projects, which are called new media. We started to offer. RMKM-A Reflections, the first project to embody this service, was awarded within the scope of the MUSE Creative Awards, which received more than 6.300 applications worldwide. Since the NFT/Web3 category was opened for the first time this year, we became the first project in the world to receive an award in this category.” Serhan Turfan added that project development processes continue in the metaverse world for different companies of the Koç Group.

Mine Sofuoğlu: “The vision reveals art and technology with an industrial perspective”

Emphasizing that RMKM-A Reflections was realized as a project that reveals the future vision of the museum, art and technology with an industrial perspective, Rahmi M. Koç Museum General Manager Mine Sofuoğlu shared her evaluations with the following words: “As the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, which consists of over 16 thousand objects, We continue to be the address of culture and entertainment for 29 years with our collection, trainings for children and experimental areas. By hosting objects from many different periods and areas, we try to provide our visitors with moments that will explore life in all its aspects and stimulate their imagination and research feelings. Museology, which has an important place with its cultural representation, is undergoing a change as in every field. Especially with the pandemic, art and technology gained another dimension. The influence of the digital world is felt more than before. We also signed an exemplary project with the RMKM-A Reflections collection. It is very exciting to produce new projects for our museum, which serves as a historical and cultural memory, and to bring these projects together with the audience. Anadol STC-16, one of the meaningful and special objects of our collection, will now live in the digital world. Anadol, which is essentially a legend, has turned into a brand new collection object with the project, which is a first in Turkey's industrial history and heritage, and zamWe are very happy to see that it continues its journey in a sudden world. We are also very pleased to be a part of such an inter-institutional cooperation.”

İnan Ekici: “We are very happy to host such a valuable project in the metaverse universe”

Otokoç Automotive General Manager İnan Ekici, who hosted the collection in Otokoç Metazone, stated that they were happy to be involved in the project, which was implemented for the first time in Turkey, and expressed his views on the subject with the following words: “The world of Metaverse is important in eliminating inequalities by providing access to everyone from different areas. plays a role. As Otokoç Automotive, we are putting our signature under practices that will set an example for our sector in this field, and we are particularly pleased that this development was realized in both the 100th anniversary of our Republic and the 95th anniversary of our company."

The story of the collection is narrated in a documentary

The story of Anadol has turned into a documentary with the narration of racing drivers such as Serdar Bostancı, Cüneyd Işıngör and many other names, who witnessed its design and production history and used the Anadol STC-16 in international races. The documentary also tells the story of the emergence of the RMKM-A Reflections Collection, which brings Anadol to the present day.

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