Outstanding Evolution of Formula E by DS Performance

Outstanding Evolution of Formula E by DS Performance
Outstanding Evolution of Formula E by DS Performance

DS Performance continues to develop all the powertrains of the single-seater DS racing vehicles competing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship since 2015. Electrification has been at the center of DS Automobiles' strategy since its founding in 2014. In the same year, DS Automobiles founded DS Performance, the racing arm for motorsports, the best area to accelerate technology transfer from track to road. In their second season in Formula E, they entered the championship with a young and dynamic team that included individual manufacturers for the first time.

First generation DS racing vehicle

During the first generation Formula E era in 2015, DS Automobiles made a remarkable start to the championship with its all-electric car with a maximum power output of 200 kW, a weight of 920 kg and a brake energy recovery capacity of 15 percent. In fact, since the second season, he has 4 pole positions, 4 podiums and 1 win. This promising performance continued to strengthen until the end of the fourth season, thanks to DS Performance's agility that served as a prelude at the time. The first generation DS race car took a total of 2015 podiums between 2018 and 16, representing a trophy in both races.

Second generation DS racing vehicle

DS Performance is at the forefront of its fifth season, starting with the second-generation Formula E vehicles.zam reached a technological milestone. More power with 250 kW, lighter structure with 900 kg and increased efficiency thanks to 30% brake energy recovery during braking, DS racing vehicle, under the pilotage of Jean-Eric Vergne, constantly struggled in the most difficult places in 2019, making it one of the first teams in Formula E history. and the drivers clinched it with a double championship. In 2020, the brand repeated this success with António Felix Da Costa at the wheel of the sixth season DS race car, an enhanced version of the fifth season car. Despite no championships in the seventh and eighth seasons, DS Performance closed the second-generation era with record points and podiums, finishing third in the constructors' standings and firmly holding its place among the leading contenders.

Third generation DS racing vehicle

In December 2022, after 2 years of development and an unprecedented mobilization of resources, DS Performance unveiled its third generation race car at the Valencia Circuit. The third generation is the fastest in history, with a top speed of 280 km/h on a street track and the same zamIt became the lightest Formula E car at the time. The third generation DS racing vehicle, named DS E-TENSE FE23, is able to recover more powerful braking energy than previous generations. The new unit on the front axle adds another 350 kW to the 250 kW braking power on the rear axle and can generate a total of 600 kW braking power with its four regenerative wheels.

By designing and developing the powertrains for DS single-seaters competing in Formula E since 2015, DS Performance is proving to be a true technological leader. Thanks to its experience in Formula E, DS Automobiles has definitely accelerated the technology transfer for its E-TENSE extension vehicles produced for the road. This stands out as an approach that provides significant benefits to its customers, with models that will be included in the 2024% electric segment as of 100.

Eugenio Franzetti, DS Performance Director, said:

“Formula E's very young history is an extraordinary leap forward. In less than 10 years, vehicles have become lighter, stronger, faster and more autonomous. It was a strategic decision for DS Automobiles and its racing department to participate in this 100% electric championship. Since its founding, DS Performance's mission has always been clear. It was intended to support the electrification of the DS Automobiles brand through motorsport, which has established itself as a technological catalyst. The gains we've made over many seasons in Formula E ensure that today's and tomorrow's electric cars benefit from the best of technology. Our commitment to Formula E is crucial; because we will see a 2024% electric transmission on all new DS Automobiles models that we will introduce from 100.”

Thomas Chevaucher, Stellantis Motorsport FE Program Director, said: “Thanks to the strong DS Performance teams, the DS E-TENSE FE vehicles have left their mark on the history of the DS Automobiles brand, as well as the history of Formula E. Since dedicating ourselves to this highly competitive series, we've won at least one race each season and nearly every second race has brought us the podium. Thanks to our championships, victories and podiums, we are actively involved in the development of electrical technologies in the brand's production vehicles, both in terms of hardware and software. “Motorsport as a whole has always been an excellent driver of innovation for the automotive industry and this will undoubtedly continue for a long time to come.”

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