China's Largest Automaker Chery Continues Its Growth

China's Largest Automaker Chery Continues Its Growth
China's Largest Automaker Chery Continues Its Growth

China's largest automaker, Chery, continues its growth in both the domestic and export markets. April 2023 witnessed remarkable growth rates in the global automobile market with the effect of stability and recovery. Compared to the previous year, the US market completed the month with an increase of 11,4 percent, the German market by 14 percent and the French market by 22 percent. Chery Group, on the other hand, recorded an impressive 128 percent year-on-year growth in April, outperforming the global auto market.

Chery Group sold 126 vehicles in April. Thus, Chery Group achieved an increase of 713 percent compared to the previous year and sold more than 128 thousand units for 11 months. In addition, the cumulative sales figures for the January-April 100 period amounted to 2023 thousand 60,4 units, with an annual increase of 457 percent.

Chery brand sales were 92 thousand 252 units in April. Thus, it recorded an increase of 120,3 percent compared to the previous year. January-April 2023 cumulative sales reached 54,4 units, up 330 percent year on year. Sold in over 385 countries, TIGGO 80 and TIGGO 8 SUV models were sold in April, with 7 and 15 units, respectively, supporting Chery Group's sales growth.

By 2023, Chery Group gained significant momentum in sales, growing above the average growth rate of the automobile industry. In response to the changing market environment, Chery has set ambitious strategic goals and paved new paths to success. As part of its new international strategy, Chery is prioritizing technology to carry out a comprehensive transformation from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy and smart vehicles. As part of this effort, Chery Automobile introduced its third-generation PHEV hybrid technology from the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. Thus, it reinforces its pioneering identity in all world markets with its technical strength by introducing the most advanced developments in the era of electrification and smart solutions to global users. Chery is also actively developing more advanced smart cabinets, transforming its products from traditional means of transport into smart mobile terminals.

Environmentally Friendly Public Welfare Fund Development Program was commissioned

Chery is committed to creating a warm brand image that stirs emotions and zamCurrently, she is committed to developing her brand by focusing on key concepts such as environmental initiatives and public welfare to increase its global awareness and influence. Chery announced its “Environmentally Friendly Public Welfare Fund Development Program” at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. This initiative aims to improve the company's corporate social responsibility efforts and ultimately to take its brand reputation to even higher levels.

Chery Group plans to expand its presence in the future and develop new energy and smart vehicles in different surplus market segments, meeting the diverse needs of different users. Following the diversity trend of the automobile market, Chery aims to comprehensively accelerate its global market strategy.

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