'Speed ​​of Light' on AudiStream: Online Guided Tour of Vehicle Lighting Technologies

Online Guided Tour of 'Speed ​​of Light' Vehicle Lighting Technologies on AudiStream
Online Guided Tour of 'Speed ​​of Light' Vehicle Lighting Technologies on AudiStream

From now on, AudiStream viewers will be able to follow the developments of different eras of lighting technologies in automotive engineering. The “Speed ​​of Light” live broadcast comprehensively conveys to the audience how the ever-evolving headlight and taillight technologies work, and provides the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of lighting technology and light design. Tour guides accompany the online tour and answer questions directly.

“Speed ​​of Light” is the latest live show on AudiStream. The online tour gives viewers a comprehensive overview of the evolution in Audi lighting technology: From the first day of vehicle lighting (the first cars used real fire to light) zammoments), Digital Matrix LED headlights and Digital OLED taillights to today's lighting technologies. Tour guides explain the evolution of the Digital Matrix LED headlights, first introduced with the Audi e-tron in 2019, among many other things. Audiences are also presented with a vision of what Audi's lighting design and technology might look like in the future, with the Audi AI:CON concept car. Both models in the “Speed ​​of Light” live broadcast are currently on display at the Audi Museum Mobile in the special exhibition of the same name.

Tour guides run the flow and their questions are real zamresponds promptly

Those who are interested can watch AudiStream on desktop or mobile device. Experienced guides lead the online tour live from a studio and tailor the content and sequence of events to the interests of the audience. The guides answer individual questions from their audiences in live chat, with extensive information from the Audi Museuam Mobile and numerous tours of the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm factories. With additional training, guides can make interactive tours fun.

A total of five AudiStream formats can be booked online

The “Speed ​​of Light” live stream showcases the expansion of AudiStream's range of free interactive tours. Currently, dates can be selected for a total of five programs, each lasting approximately 25 minutes and which can be booked free of charge. The streams “Audi live from the Neckarsulm plant” and “Audi live from the Ingolstadt plant” provide insights into Audi's production processes. “Insight Audi Design” offers the opportunity to explore Audi's design philosophy, and the “Audi Tradition” stream takes interested parties on a journey through more than 120 years of automotive history.

Complementing its diversity is a wide range of content from AudiStream's theme world available in the AudiStream media library.

The company has been offering live guided tours online on AudiStream since 2019. The Audi Forum Ingolstadt team started offering online tours of the Ingolstadt factory and has since expanded the range of content with additional topics. Viewers can choose a date and time to watch the live stream on AudiStream. The stream itself is available for free, but Internet access charges may incur depending on the provider chosen.

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