Another First from TOGG: 'Smart Device Passport'

Another First 'Smart Device Passport' from TOGG
Another First 'Smart Device Passport' from TOGG

Speaking at the Avalanche Summit 2023 event, the blockchain conference held for the second time this year in Barcelona, ​​Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş announced that the smart device passport and battery passport will also be included in the digital asset wallet integrated into the smart device, which is the first of its kind in the world.

M. Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, the global technology brand serving in the field of mobility in Turkey, attended the Avalanche Summit 2023 event, the blockchain conference held for the second time this year in Barcelona, ​​the 'Smart Device', 'Digital Device', which the company shaped around the concept of USE CASE Mobility. While sharing 'Platform' and 'Clean Energy Solutions', he shared his work on how to benefit users with blockchain-based smart contracts.

Reminding that they announced the first of its kind in the world, the smart device-integrated digital asset wallet at the world's largest Consumer Electronics Fair CES 2023, Karakaş said:

“We are developing a user-friendly platform by connecting independent ecosystems”

“With this wallet we developed on Avalanche, users have an unlimited number of usage scenarios, including accessing, securely viewing, storing and transferring their digital assets on the go, playing blockchain-based games on a smart device. Now, for the first time in this wallet, we create the smart device passport and the battery passport. Thanks to this passport, users will be able to access all kinds of information, such as the exchange of device parts, service information, processes in the supply chain, in a reliable and easy way. From where the parts were manufactured to the maintenance date, all kinds of information about the smart device will be instantly available. Similarly, we will make the battery passport available to users. You can think of the passport of batteries produced by Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Storage Technologies, which we established in partnership with Farasis Energy to develop energy storage solutions, as a document containing all the information about the batteries of electric vehicles. This document contains a lot of information from the date of manufacture of the battery to its capacity, age and health. Keeping this information on the blockchain helps verify the origin of the battery and provide traceability. Likewise, issues that need to be followed, such as carbon emissions and sustainability performance, become traceable. We will continue our work on blockchain technology with strong partnerships to connect independent ecosystems and produce uninterrupted smart life solutions. We aim to take the mobility experience of users to another point with our innovative solutions.”

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