A Step from Ford Otosan to Shape the Supply Chain of the Future

A Step from Ford Otosan to Shape the Supply Chain of the Future
A Step from Ford Otosan to Shape the Supply Chain of the Future

Ford Otosan, which has prepared more than 300 of its suppliers to be carbon neutral until 2035, in line with its long-term sustainability goals, which it has set forth with its “The Future is Now” vision, has announced its “Supplier Sustainability Manifesto”. Ford Otosan is taking strong, comprehensive and determined steps towards becoming the pioneer of transformation in the entire ecosystem by including its suppliers, dealer network and business partners in its work, in line with its long-term sustainability goals that it has set forth with its “Future is Now” vision.

Ford Otosan, which has one of Turkey's largest supply chains and values ​​the adoption of its sustainability strategy by all its stakeholders, took an important step and shared its “Supplier Sustainability Manifesto” at the Supplier Sustainability Conference it held.

Ford Otosan, which has prepared more than 2035 of its suppliers to be carbon neutral by 300 with the aim of “working with the leading supply chain in the field of sustainability”, clarified its roadmap with this manifesto. The roadmap aims to convey Ford Otosan's understanding of sustainability to its business partners and to ensure that all suppliers in the value chain work in harmony with Ford Otosan's sustainability approach in environmental, social and governance areas.

Ford Otosan Purchasing Leader Murat Senir said, “As Ford Otosan, we lead the sustainability, accountability and transparency practices in the automotive industry in the countries where we operate. We launched the Supplier Sustainability Assessment and Development Program in 2022, in order for our supply chain to reach the stage where its emission impact is zero. Now we are taking our vision to lead our industry one step further, we now define sustainability as a criterion for Ford Otosan in supplier selections. After this stage, we ask our suppliers to form teams that will work on sustainability, to fully participate in the trainings and audits we will carry out, to take action to increase their sustainability performance, to make annual reports and to adhere to our Stakeholder Sustainability Manifesto.

What does the supply chain sustainability manifesto cover?

The commitments Ford Otosan expects from its suppliers in accordance with the “Supplier Sustainability Manifesto”, working with the goal of being among the most valuable supply chain organizations in the world, are as follows:

To prioritize projects that will support the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, to implement energy efficiency projects. To make designs, activities and reports that will increase the use of renewable energy and materials.

To reduce water consumption per product resulting from operational processes, to prioritize innovative and sustainable water management systems in new investments and projects, and to focus primarily on water management in campuses experiencing water stress.

To prevent waste generation, to reduce waste at its source, to use resources more efficiently within the scope of circular economy or to research their use as alternative raw materials, to develop projects and practices to reduce wastes going to landfill.

Opposing the use of language that reinforces stereotypes targeting gender, sexual orientation, race or physical characteristics. To promote open, fair, non-violent communication. Adopting an egalitarian, inclusive policy and cooperating with institutions that value human rights.

Supporting the community through community investment projects, donations and sponsorship activities.

In all business and transactions; To comply with the laws, international agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party, the United Nations Global Compact, and adopt accountability and openness as a principle.

To act in accordance with the Working Principles and Code of Ethics in all business, actions and transactions.

To follow a sustainable and transparent policy in the supply chain, to adopt the issues specified in the Ford Otosan Conflict Minerals Policy in this direction, and to ensure the supply of minerals in the supply chain from conflict-free areas.

Ford Otosan leads the sector with its vision of “The Future is Now”

In 2022, Ford Otosan announced its goals that will transform the future of the automotive ecosystem in Turkey, in many areas from climate change to waste management and circular economy, from diversity and inclusion to volunteering projects that will contribute to social welfare, with the vision of “The Future is Now”.

In this context, Ford Otosan aims to be carbon neutral in 2030 at its production facilities and R&D center in Turkey. In addition to the supply chain, the company aims to make its logistics operations carbon neutral by 2035.

Among its commitments in the circular economy and zero waste area; To advance with a zero-waste policy in landfills in its operations by 2030, to completely remove single-use plastics from personal use, to increase the rate of recycled and renewable plastics in plastic use in manufactured vehicles to 30 percent, to increase the use of clean water per vehicle in its facilities by 2030 percent by 40. there is reduce.

Ford Otosan, which provides the highest number of female employment in the automotive industry, aims to increase the rate of women in all management positions to 2030 percent in 50. In addition, it aims to support initiatives where at least half of the management staff is women, and to reach 2026 thousand women by 100 through awareness, education and financial support projects for the society. In addition to these goals, it commits to increase the rate of women working in the company in the field of technology and innovation to 30 percent and to double it in its entire dealer network.

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