7-Seater Chery TIGGO 8 PRO Leads the Mid-size SUV Market

Personality Chery TIGGO PRO Leads the Mid-size SUV Market
7-Seater Chery TIGGO 8 PRO Leads the Mid-size SUV Market

Chery, which attracted all the attention by making a strong entry into the Turkish market in March 2023, quickly won the appreciation of the consumers with its more assertive models. The Chinese automotive giant was met with intense interest from customers with 3 new SUV models that appeal to different usage purposes. TIGGO 8 PRO, the biggest model of Chery in the Turkish market, stands out as an SUV that will not look like premium brands with its 7-seater seating arrangement, powerful engine, superior luxury and comfort equipment.

Premium quality for 1.1 million TL

The flagship of the Chery brand, the SUV is taking strong steps towards becoming the new leader of the market with the increasing demand. Offering a luxury experience comparable to SUV models of many premium brands, TIGGO 8 PRO satisfies its customers' desire for "Accessible Luxury" with a price starting from 1,1 million TL. TIGGO 8 PRO, the flagship of the brand's TIGGO family, stands out as one of the most imposing models in its class with its 4.722 mm length, 1.860 mm width, 1.705 mm height and 2.710 mm wheelbase. TIGGO 8 PRO, which especially attracts the attention of urban users who have a successful career and care about their quality of life; A luxury, mission-oriented midsize SUV with 7 seats. TIGGO 8 PRO, which promises pleasant journeys to both its driver and passengers with its spacious and comfortable cabin, zamAt the same time, it draws attention with its luxurious and stylish details. TIGGO 3.0 PRO, shaped by Chery's global design team's 8 "Form-Meaning Aesthetics" design concept, emphasizes family belonging with its matrix diamond front grille and LED headlights.

It carries the “Sun-Shine-Star-River” front design. Thus, it spreads the message of high-level recognition and awareness. The deep shoulder line not only softens the stiffness of the muscular side of the vehicle, but also zamIt provides a dynamic image by adding a sense of movement at the same time.

High level of craftsmanship

As with the mighty front, the TIGGO 8 PRO reveals a lively design when viewed from the rear. The taillight design that extends throughout, refers to collaborations with British premium brands. In addition, the shape of the taillights is inspired by the carving of wooden panels of ancient Chinese buildings. It's not just beautiful, it's the same zamRepresenting a successful career and a happy life at the moment, this design adds cultural connotations to the luxury vision of the vehicle. TIGGO 8 PRO, which has an imposing and noble appearance, reveals a simple architecture that is far from aesthetics and complexity in terms of interior design. The new model adopts an integrated dashboard design that is symmetrical and runs horizontally from left to right. TIGGO 8 PRO, which does not look like luxury models not only with its design but also with its high level of craftsmanship, provides ease of use with its wide field of view.

Looks high quality and elegant

TIGGO 8 PRO reflects the quality and texture typical of luxury brands in terms of materials and workmanship. In addition, different quality soft materials, including leather, are used in the interior to increase the quality perception of the vehicle. Double-stitched leather surfaces at the driver and passenger contact points not only enhance the tactile feel, but also zamAt the same time, it creates a more elegant appearance visually.

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