Renault Zoe Promotion Event from Ermat Automotive

Renault Zoe Promotion Event from Ermat Automotive
Renault Zoe Promotion Event from Ermat Automotive

The promotion and test drive event of Renault's 100% electric model Zoe was held at Ermat Renault Gaziemir Plaza. Test drives were also held at the event, in which Ermat Plaza managers and staff were also present. Information about Zoe was given in the promotion, which was also broadcast live on Radio Ege. Mustafa Karslıoğlu and Balamir Yıldız, the beloved DJs of Radio Ege, made a live broadcast presentation at the event.

Ermat Automotive Sales Director Orhan Ekinci said, “We made the introduction and test drive event of our Zoe model at our Renault Ermat Gaziemir Plaza. Today we decorated our showroom with Zoe flags. Our test vehicles took their place outside. It was a good interest. He made a statement that we also made a live broadcast on Radio Ege about Electric Zoe. In the event, Ermat Gaziemir Sales Manager Yiğit Coşkun, Ermat Çiğli Branch. Sales Manager Serkan Orak, Ermat Bornova Sb. Sales Manager Ece Gözeger was also present and made explanations.

Making a statement about the Renault Zoe model, which attracted a lot of attention, Sales consultants Cem Cavez and Anıl Sağlam said: “Our vehicle can travel 130 km with 395 TL. It is one of the cars with the longest range in Turkey according to the cost of electric charging. Renault brand has been selling electric cars in Turkey since 2011. We are the brand that started this business and made the biggest investment.” “They also stated that as Ermat Automotive, they sell our electric vehicles in 3 plazas in Izmir.

“We have charging stations in front of our plazas. Our customers who buy cars from us can charge their cars free of charge at these points. There are around 255 charging stations in İzmir. This will increase to over 1000 next year. The ministry and the private sector have huge investments in this regard. Currently, Zoe's selling price is around 900.”

With its 395 km range and fast charging feature, Zoe's battery is covered by 8 years or 160.000 km warranty. It draws attention with its 80 kW electric motor, engine b driving system, driving assistance systems, E-Shifter electronic gear lever.

Sales Director Orhan Ekinci made a surprise statement at the closing of the event and said that they gave their first maintenance free of charge to our customers who bought Zoe from us in March with the support of Renault General Directorate. Ekinci said, “The interest in electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Towards the end of this year, our new electric passenger and commercial vehicle models will arrive. Our other brand, Dacia, will also have electric models.” We also invite our customers to promote. We welcome our customers who are curious about our electric Zoe model to our Ermat Plazas. From Monday to Saturday, from 08.45 to 17.45, you can do test drives in our office. You can create your test drive appointments by contacting us on social media or by phone.

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