Karsan e-JEST Becomes One of 4 Electric Minibuses Sold in Europe

One of the Electric Minibuses Sold in Europe Has Become a JEST to Karsan
Karsan e-JEST Becomes One of 4 Electric Minibuses Sold in Europe

Karsan e-JEST became Europe's best-selling electric minibus in 2020, after 2021 and 2022. Offering advanced technology mobility solutions with the vision of being 'One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility', Karsan makes a name for itself with its electric vehicles in Europe as well as in Turkey. Almost dominating Europe's electric minibus market, Karsan also asserts its claim in electric mobility with its e-JEST model.

The e-JEST, the first electric model of Karsan, which the brand launched in 2019 and is the first electric model of Karsan, did not leave the leadership in the electric minibus market in Europe in 2020, after 2021 and 2022.

Market nearly doubled in a year

According to the European Minibus Market Report of 2022-3.5 tons in 8 published by Wim Chatrou – CME Solutions; As in the last two years, Karsan e-JEST became the leader of the electric minibus market with a share of 28 percent.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş stated that the electric minibus market in Europe grew by 2022 percent in 84 compared to the previous year, and said, “The market volume has nearly doubled in just one year. We closed another year as the leader in the growing market, where competitors started to gain strength, and for the third year in a row, we became the leader of the European electric minibus market with e-JEST. This is a very important achievement not only for Karsan but also for the Turkish automotive industry. Karsan e-JEST; It draws attention as a very strong player in markets such as France, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain.”

Emphasizing that Karsan e-JEST is one of the 4 electric minibuses in the European market, Okan Baş said, “E-JEST, which we launched at the end of 2018 and put on the roads in 2019, continues to increase its success rate every year. In many European countries, people travel safely with e-JESTs. This is the biggest indicator of Karsan's high experience, advanced R&D and qualified workforce. In addition to e-JEST, our 8-meter-long e-ATAK model became the leader of the electric midibus segment in Europe for the second time in 2022. I believe that all Karsan models will maintain the same strong success rate in 2023 as well.”

Passenger car comfort in public transport

Proving itself with its high maneuverability and unparalleled passenger comfort, e-JEST has a BMW electric motor producing 170 HP power and 290 Nm torque. With its batteries with BMW infrastructure, e-JEST offers a range of up to 210 kilometers, offering the best performance in its 6-meter electric minibus class.

Thanks to e-JEST's regenerative braking system that provides energy recovery, its batteries can charge itself at a rate of 25 percent. Equipped with a fully digital instrument panel, keyless start, USB input and optionally providing Wi-Fi compatible infrastructure, e-JEST does not match the comfort of a passenger car with its 4-wheel independent suspension system.

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