10 Million Euro New Factory Investment by Ecoplas in Gebze

Ecoplastan New Factory Investment of Million Euros in Gebze
10 Million Euro New Factory Investment by Ecoplas in Gebze

The Turkish supply industry company Ecoplas, which produces parts for automotive manufacturers, continues to invest in its production facilities. Ecoplas, which produces in a wide range of interior and exterior trim parts, air blowers, center console and painted parts for automotive brands, has also increased its production diversity with its new investment in the Gebze Factory. Ecoplas, which implemented the Sakarya Factory as its second production facility in 2020 with an investment of 50 million lira, now renews the Gebze Factory with an investment of 10 million Euros and moved it to its new location.

Export to Ford's Romania Plant begins

Kemal Yazıcı, Chairman of the Board of Ecoplas, stated that they have increased their production capabilities with the new investment and said, “We produce for the world's leading automotive brands with our plastic injection, paint and assembly lines in our Gebze factory. With the new investment, we have also commissioned the Electronic PCB Assembly Line, which will support our understanding of error-free production and high quality.”

Emphasizing that they are among the most important suppliers of Toyota, Yazıcı stated that they both supply parts to Toyota's factory in Turkey and export parts to its factories in France, England, South Africa and Japan. He also stated that they will start exporting.

“Our quality has been registered with 7 different awards”

Stating that they continue to collect the awards in the 2021-2022 period as a company, Yazıcı said, “We received a total of 7 awards from Toyota Motor Europe and Toyota Boshoku Europe in this period. With these awards, Ecoplas not only demonstrates the quality in its production, but also provides cost management and customer satisfaction. zamIt also confirmed its ability to deliver products instantly.”

Stating that they stand out among the best companies in the European region with the aforementioned awards, Yazıcı said, “These awards are the same. zamAt the moment, an important success of the Turkish automotive supply industry in Europe and the world. As a Turkish company; We are very happy to be ahead of our European competitors in many areas.”

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