Mercedes Benz Will Increase Its Investment In The Chinese Market In 2023

Mercedes Benz Will Increase Its Investment In The Chinese Market
Mercedes Benz Will Increase Its Investment In The Chinese Market In 2023

German automaker Mercedes-Benz, together with its Chinese partners, will invest more in China. Mercedes-Benz Board Member Hubertus Troska said: “We will expand our R&D and industry chain layout and accelerate our innovative transformation towards electrification, digitalization and carbon neutrality to meet the growing luxury mobility needs of Chinese customers.” said.

Noting that China is the company's largest single market and largest production facility, Troska said: zamHe said it is now a center for technological innovation and the focal point of industry chain development, which plays a crucial role in the company's long-term global strategy.

Troska said that despite the challenges and uncertainties in 2022, the company's business in China has seen high-quality and steady development in key segments, thanks to the resilience of the country's economy and the support of its Chinese partners and customers.

The company witnessed its four millionth locally produced Mercedes-Benz car roll off the Beijing Benz Automotive production line. The headquarters in Shanghai was established last year with a focus on digital areas such as connectivity. Thanks to China's booming new energy vehicle (NEV) market, Mercedes-Benz increased its NEV deliveries by 2022 percent year-on-year in 143.

“We realized that the Chinese economy continues to move towards high-quality development as innovation drives development and continues to open up for mutual benefits. As an innovation-driven automotive company, all these development trends encourage us.”

Stating that Mercedes-Benz's carbon neutral target coincides with China's climate ambitions and the company is dedicated to contributing to the country's green development, Troska said, "We aim to achieve a new carbon neutral car fleet by 2039." he said.

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