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Who gets the kosher mark for which product?

The kosher sign, called "Hechscher" in Hebrew, is important to food or dietary supplement manufacturers. As a supplier to the food and cosmetic processing industry, you also benefit from the kosher label. In this way, you immediately identify yourself to partners and customers marked with the kosher sign as a reliable company that uses products and additives throughout the production process without reservation and to the highest hygiene standards.

In today's world where more than 90% of food is processed and mixed with other products, Kosher's independent certification is gaining importance. It gives a guarantee to the followers of the Jewish faith that they are living in accordance with the principles of their faith. For health-conscious people, consumers, vegetarians and vegans, the kosher mark certifies the purity of the product as well as the proper raising of the animals.

1. Certification process – three steps for kosher certification

The certification process begins with the analysis of the ingredients of the products. For this purpose, we need a detailed list of products with their composition, in the form of a separate list. For this analysis, we will send you the complete model forms, which you send back to us. We offer you suitable kosher alternatives for non-kosher ingredients.
In addition to the completed forms, we need complete and detailed documentation on:

• precise production process
• description of shipping and packaging as well as storage
• Pläne's HACCP plans and CCPs, if any
• Description of the production process of the block diagram of the production process

Based on these documents, document inspection can be done. On this basis, we determine whether your products can be certified with the kosher mark.

Step 2 – on-site inspection

your products to kosher certification If so, the inspection can be performed at your location. We will arrange a meeting date with you two weeks before the audit.

Step 3 - Kosher Certificate

After the inspection, you immediately kosher certificates and you will receive a kosher logo/sticker that you can use on your company's equipment, advertising materials and packaging. After one year, the kosher certificate needs to be updated.

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