Current Transformer Classes

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Current transformer modelsIt is a circuit element that is frequently used in the circuit and is used to measure the existing values. With the use of this transformer, you can successfully isolate measuring instruments and protection relays and ensure that they operate at a completely protected level. Even if different primary values ​​occur, you can reach standard secondary values.

The current transformer has different features with its classes. We can list these features as follows:

  • The currents on the primary circuit and passing through this circuit are determined according to the conversion ratio and transferred into the secondary circuit.
  • Primary windings are made with little winding, thick or just over the bar.
  • When connecting with some of the measuring instruments, attention should be paid to polarity.
  • If you have the same current transformers, you can use more than one measuring instrument with these transformers.
  • The secondary ends of the current transformers are the ends that must be grounded.
  • These transformers can load up to 20% of their nominal current values.

Current transformers, which have these various qualities, are used extensively in electronic circuits. Current transformer models classified on the basis of their measurement sensitivities consist of different classes as 0,1 – 0,2 – 0,5 – 1 and 3. If the circuits you have are protection circuits, they have 3 classes. There is 0,5 and 0,2 class in meters and only 1 class in measuring instruments. You can use them in circuits according to these classes and their properties. For example toroid current transformeris a special type of electrical transformer with a donut-like shape. Toroidal transformers provide greater design flexibility, efficiency and compactness compared to conventional shell and core transformers. It is an ideal solution for low KVA (up to 15 KVA) rated devices and equipment used in medical, industrial, renewable energy and audio applications.

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