Chinese Chery Awarded for 'Eco-Friendly Development' and 'Public Welfare' Studies

Cinli Chery Awarded for Environmental Development and Public Welfare Studies
Chinese Chery Awarded for 'Eco-Friendly Development' and 'Public Welfare' Studies

Adopting an environmentally friendly development model to achieve its carbon neutral goal, Chinese automotive manufacturer Chery was rewarded for its efforts to prioritize environmentally friendly and low-carbon development. Chery Group was awarded the title of "Leading carbon summit and carbon neutralization project" by the "Xinhua Credit Jinlan Cup" for its "Building an Eco-Friendly Industrial Chain and Creating a Plan".

Accelerating its efforts to make its production models “green”, the automotive industry has begun to prioritize environmentally friendly and low-carbon development. Chery, one of the leading players in the sector, draws attention with her work in this field. In this context, Chery Group received a new award at the XNUMXth China Cities Credit System Construction Forum – ESG Implementation and Development Themed forum for China Dual Carbon Targets. Chery Group was awarded the title of “Leading carbon summit and carbon neutralization project” by “Xinhua Credit Jinlan Cup” for its efforts to “Build an Eco-Friendly Industrial Chain and Create Its Plan”.

Community benefit initiatives from Chery

This shows that Chery's “Dual Carbon” initiative has been accepted once again, and Chinese auto businesses are sticking to the plan to meet their social responsibilities. Comprehensively developed by Chery Group, the eco-friendly industrial chain project demonstrates how to achieve the goal of eco-friendly and low-carbon throughout the entire life cycle and the entire industrial chain. Thus facilitating Chery's process of improving social, environmental and economic benefits. In addition, Chery Group fulfills its social responsibility through practical actions, while also running various initiatives for the benefit of society, including donations for environmental protection and education around the world. In particular, last year, Chery distributed more than 30 bottles of drinking water to areas in the Philippines to alleviate the water needs of hundreds of families affected by the storm. It also collaborated with local public organization Shop of Joys to donate used clothing in Mexico. In Pakistan, it sponsored public equestrian activities to raise 1 million Saudi Arabian Riyals (SAR) restructuring funds.

Global corporate citizenship responsibility!

Chery takes practical actions with social responsibility awareness in every major disaster, especially the typhoon in the Philippines in 2022, the floods in Peru in 2017, the great earthquake in Ecuador in 2016 or the great earthquake in Chile in 2012. exhibits. Chery donates disaster relief funds as well as first-hand supplies to affected areas, identifying urgent needs urgently to help victims overcome hardships. Chery will continue to actively practice social public welfare, fulfill its global corporate citizenship responsibility, and achieve the convergence between business and social development in terms of social employment, ecological protection, and public welfare and philanthropy. In addition, Chery will continue to reflect its global humanitarian concern by providing excellent products and services to users around the world, while achieving harmony and joint development in all aspects with its consumers, employees, partners and all stakeholders in society.

It broke a record with 1.2 million sales!

On the other hand, Chery Group broke a new record in history with its annual sales performance of 1 million 233 thousand units last year. Chery in particular had a great performance of 67,7 units with an ultra-high export growth rate of 451 percent. With this performance, Chery not only stood out in China's passenger vehicle exports, but also zamIt has also been the No. 20 exporter of Chinese passenger cars for 1 consecutive years. Chery also exported more than 2022 thousand units per month in the 4 months of 50. The basis of all this outstanding sales performance is Chery's demonstrated products, services and approach to social responsibility and public welfare, including the export market.

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