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It is called Antalya zamflowing water stops. Antalya, known as the apple of Turkey's tourism eye; In summer, it welcomes tourists from all over the world. The districts of Antalya are also identified with tourism. For example, Manavgat; Although it is the second largest district of Antalya, it is a unique settlement surrounded by the Taurus Mountains.

There are many valid reasons for those who want to come to Manavgat. First of all, we can say that Manavgat attracts attention with its natural beauties. It is a district that makes a difference, especially with its beaches, uniquely beautiful beaches, streams and rivers, bays and many more. Manavgat; It should be visited especially in the last months of the summer season. Much less crowded during this period. Manavgat; It is a suitable place for those who want to enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. In addition, Manavgat's accommodation options are also unique. One of the accommodation options we mentioned is calido maris hotel! Let's give information about both Manavgat and this hotel!

Places to Visit in Manavgat

If you happen to be in Manavgat, we can say that there are many places that you should definitely see. Let's take a look at the popular places of Manavgat!

  • Merkez Kulliye Mosque: It is visited by those who want to learn about the religion of Islam. It is an important mosque visited by thousands of people from different countries of the world every year. We can say that it is a place of worship open to people of all religions.
  • Side Ancient City: Manavgat; It is an extremely important town from a historical point of view. These lands, ruled by the Romans, Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire, are very valuable. Side Ancient City; It is one of the places identified with Manavgat. It has hosted many civilizations throughout history. It contains artifacts from each historical period. It is regularly visited by history and archeology buffs.
  • Side Antique Theater: There is information that it was built in the second century BC. It draws attention with its architecture that fascinates everyone who sees it. It is even said to have inspired other ancient cities in Europe. It has been hosting different events, especially concerts, for a very long time.

What Does Calido Maris Hotel Promise?

Matchless Manavgat It is only 50 meters from the beach. It should be noted that it is a great accommodation option, especially for families. Hotel customers; If they wish, they can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun on the beach. In addition, it is possible to enjoy the hotel's pools.

Calido Maris Hotel; It does its best to meet customer satisfaction. It distinguishes itself with its disco section and animation shows. It should be underlined that it is a great environment for those who want to have fun. In addition, the hotel's SPA center is a suitable address for those who want to relax and rejuvenate. Kids club, kids pool and many other facilities also ensure that children leave the hotel happily. Finally, we can say that the hotel has many water sports facilities.

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