Are there any discounts on fuel prices? Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices

Is There a Discount on Fuel Prices Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices
Are there any discounts on fuel prices? Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices

Fuel prices, along with fluctuations in brent oil barrel price, zam varies with the news. Vehicle owners follow up-to-date LPG, diesel and gasoline prices. With the decline in Brent oil, fuel discount news came one after another. After the reduction in gasoline prices, diesel prices were also reduced. Here are the last minute developments in LPG, diesel and gasoline prices with current fuel prices on February 24, 2023.

Brent oil drops

Brent oil barrel price, which rose to $ 21 on Tuesday, February 84,30, completed the day at $ 84,07. As of 09.44:1,02 yesterday, the price of a barrel of Brent oil decreased by 83,21 percent compared to the closing and became XNUMX dollars.

Recently, gasoline and diesel prices in fuel oil have been on the agenda due to the volatility in Brent oil and dollar exchange rates. The effects of global oil prices and fluctuations in Dollar/TL on fuel continue. Fuel prices, on the other hand, do not fall on the citizens' agenda. Vehicle owners research fuel prices before going to station stops. So, how much are the current gasoline and diesel prices? Here are the current fuel (gasoline and diesel) prices in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara on February 24, 2023:

Gasoline discount!

Starting from the night of February 22, a 48-cent discount has been applied to gasoline prices.

Diesel discount!

Effective as of Friday, February 24, diesel prices have been reduced by 63 cents.

Current gasoline and diesel prices

Istanbul Real Estate

Anatolian Side gasoline price: 20,39 TL

Anatolian side diesel price: 20,59 TL

European Side petrol price: 20,45 TL

European Side diesel price: 20,66 TL


Gasoline price: 20,76 TL

Diesel price: 21,00 TL


Gasoline price: 20,69 TL

Diesel price: 21,05 TL

How are fuel prices calculated?

When calculating gasoline and diesel prices in Turkey, the refinery sales price excluding VAT is calculated by adding the SCT and EMRA share to the duty-free refinery price.

When calculating the duty-free refinery price, the daily CIF Mediterranean product prices published in the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily dollar rate are followed, and the duty-free refinery ceiling sales price is obtained at a certain price change difference.

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