Temsa Exhibited Three Record Breaking Models in North America at Uma Expo 2023

Temsa Exhibited Its Record-Breaking UC Model in North America at Uma Expo
Temsa Exhibited Three Record Breaking Models in North America at Uma Expo 2023

With its successful performance in the North American market in 2022, bringing its market share closer to 20 percent and leaving behind the best year in its history in the said market, TEMSA introduced its TS30, TS35 and TS45 model vehicles at UMA Motorcoach EXPO 2023.

UMA Motorcoach EXPO 2023, one of the world's most important organizations in the field of commercial vehicles, was held in Orlando, USA, between 11-14 January 2023. TEMSA, which took its place in the fair attended by bus manufacturers and sector representatives from all over the world, introduced its three models that showed great sales success in the USA at its stand. TS30, TS35 and TS45 model vehicles, which were developed specifically for the market in question, considering the needs of the North American market, and whose production processes were carried out at TEMSA's facility in Adana, attracted great attention from the participants.


TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, who made evaluations on the subject, underlined that the North American market has a very important place in TEMSA's global journey, and said, “The vehicles we offer to the North American market today are the best examples of TEMSA's advanced technology and sustainability approach. . We are happy to reach a market share approaching 20 percent with our vehicles that we have developed specifically for the market by considering many different factors such as driving safety, comfort, customer experience and cost of ownership. The biggest reason why our share, which was 10 percent before the pandemic, almost doubled despite the difficult economic conditions in the market, is the trust relationship we have developed with our customers. We handle customer experience in a wide range from vehicle development to sales processes, from after-sales services to satisfaction surveys. We integrate the requests of our customers and business partners into our services, taking into account the market dynamics. And we are constantly improving ourselves in these areas. We believe that together with all our stakeholders in the market, we will write a much longer-term success story together.”

Today, TEMSA, which operates in nearly 70 countries around the world with approximately 35 thousand vehicles, entered the North American market in 2010. In order to be much more active in the market, TEMSA, which established its own company in 2018, continues its activities in the region through its 100% subsidiary TEMSA North America as of today. The number of TEMSA vehicles that hit the roads in the North American market so far has approached 1.500. Having launched the TS45E, which it has developed specifically for the market, in the past months, TEMSA has increased the number of vehicles it put on the market to 30, together with the TS45, TS35 and TS4. Having achieved great success in tests in Silicon Valley and California for two years, the TS45E will be one of the models that will lead the transformation of the USA, the world's largest bus market.

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