Sebastian Vettel can switch to WEC with JOTA!

Even though Sebastian Vettel moved away from the Formula 1 tracks, he did not lose his passion for racing. He plans to appear on the motor sports scene again, especially with the idea of ​​returning to endurance racing. But this time, Vettel has his eyes on Formula 1 [...]

v weekend

Countdown has begun for V Weekend festival

The countdown has begun for the "V Weekend" festival, which will be the biggest festival in Turkey, hosted by Intercity Istanbul Park. The giant organization, for which all preparations have been completed, will be free of charge for its visitors between 30 September and 1 October. [...]


2023 Istanbul Rally has been postponed

The 2023 Istanbul Rally, the eagerly awaited leg of the Turkish Rally Championship, has unfortunately been postponed. The original dates of the Istanbul Rally were planned to be 7-8 October, but due to forest fires in our country, these dates were postponed. [...]