What is a Plumbing Master, What Does He Do, How To Become? Plumbing Master Salaries 2022

Plumbing Master Salaries
What is a Plumbing Master, What Does He Do, How to Become Plumbing Master Salaries 2022

Performing the installation of water and heating system installations in places such as residences and workplaces is one of the main duties included in the job description of the plumber. It installs the water system as a clean water and waste water system. It can also be an answer to the question of what the plumber does to fix the malfunctions that occur in the water or heating systems that have been installed and are in use before. It also performs the installation of heating systems used with natural gas and solar energy. Candidates who have completed the skills required by the profession by graduating from the relevant departments of Vocational Education Centers and vocational high schools can work in this field. Plumbing masters can also operate independently by opening their own workplaces. In order to explain what the plumbing master does, his duties and responsibilities should be examined.

What Does a Plumbing Master Do, What Are His Duties and Responsibilities?

Plumbers, who are skilled by taking the training required by the profession, also install the installation of various heating systems, especially the water installation in the buildings. Installing clean water and waste water systems in buildings and making them usable is included in the job description of the plumber. In addition to the water installation, it is also among the duties of performing the installation of special installations for various heating systems used in the buildings. Performing the maintenance and repair works of the installed and in use installations, when necessary, is also among the duties of the sanitary installer. While installing the installation, it determines the material required for the heating system or water installation to be used in the area to be installed. It detects the pipes that need to pass inside the building or outside the building. It makes the pipes to be used in the installation properly ready for use. When necessary, cutting, bending, threading or joining the pipes in accordance with the installation is also included in the full task. It makes the pump connections in the installation by installing the booster installations. It checks the installation it has installed and makes it ready for use. It detects malfunctions in water and heating systems in places such as residences or workplaces. It determines the materials required for the elimination of these malfunctions and performs the necessary repair or renewal process. It performs operations to eliminate the faults in the installation hidden on the walls. While doing all these works, he/she should have the ability to use tools such as welding machine, water level, manometer. Having knowledge about the properties of various materials used in water or heating installations is also within the scope of responsibility.

What Training Is Required To Become A Plumbing Master?

Persons who want to work as a plumbing master must first graduate from educational institutions that provide vocational training on this subject. Candidates who have completed the trainings given in areas such as Heating and Plumbing, Gas and Installation Technology can continue their master's training and receive this title. It is also possible to receive training in Plumbing Technology and Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing departments in vocational high schools in order to become a plumbing master. In the trainings, advanced professional knowledge is given to the sanitary ware master candidates as well as occupational health and safety, business knowledge. Candidates get the title of 'Plumbing Master' if they are successful by participating in the mastery exams. The question of how to become a plumber master can be explained in this way.

What are the Requirements to Become a Plumbing Master?

Requirements to become a plumbing master include education as well as having certain skills required by the profession. Candidates who have completed the master's training at the Vocational Training Centers and have a certificate can work as a master in the sector.

  • In order to work as a plumbing master, it is one of the basic requirements for candidates to have a mastery certificate in this field.
  • Candidates must attend the mastery exam after the theoretical training given at the Vocational Training Centers.
  • Candidates who do not want to participate in the theoretical Plumbing Mastery trainings can also participate in this exam by documenting their 5 years of working experience in the sector.
  • Candidates can gain experience in the sector after graduating from the Plumbing Technology and Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing departments of vocational high schools that provide 4-year education.
  • In addition to the education and experience requirements, the applied companies or institutions can also specify their own special conditions.

Plumbing Master Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work for and the average salaries of the Plumbing Master are the lowest 7.610 TL, the average 9.520 TL, the highest 24.380 TL.

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