New DS 4 Performance Line in Turkey

New DS Performance Line in Turkey
New DS 4 Performance Line in Turkey

The new DS 2022, which started to be sold in Turkey in September 4 with Trocadero equipment, now meets its customers with the Performance Line version with prices starting from 1.132.100 TL.

In DS 4 Performance, which includes comprehensive sporty details both in its design and interior, Black Exterior Package, Alcantara®, artificial leather and fabric combination seats, Alcantara® covered center console, carmine and gold stitching ornament, Performance Line embroidered front seats, A special series is created with 19-inch Minneapolis light-alloy wheels in black with Performance Line door sill trim and carmine-coloured hub detail. DS 4 customers can personalize their cars with DS Matri Led vision Adaptive LED Headlights, dynamic rear signal lamps and black roof options. DS Automobiles, the definition of futuristic elegance, flawless line and technological perfection, started to offer Performance Line, the new version of the DS 4 model in the premium compact class, in Turkey. Offering a starting price of TL 130 with the BlueHDi 1.132.100 engine option, the DS 4 Performance Line offers a unique experience in the combination of luxury and technology among its extensive equipment. In the design exclusive to DS 4 Performance, 19-inch Minneapolis Light Alloy Wheels in black with carmine-colored hub detail attract those who seek absolute sportiness by being combined with the Black Exterior Design Package. DS Automobiles design signatures, the DS Wings detail that connects the headlights and the grille, the trim strip between the rear lighting group, the grille and the side window frames are offered in black as part of this package. Seats in a combination of Alcantara®, faux leather and fabric also feature Performance Line embroidered front seats. The Alcantara® covered center console emphasizes the attention to detail with carmine and gold stitching trim. Moving into the interior, the Performance Line door sill trim also draws attention. In addition to all these special equipment, the new DS 4 Performance can be personalized thanks to DS Matrix Led Vision Adaptive LED Headlights, dynamic rear signal lamps and black roof options.

Compact hatchback with modern SUV Coupe

DS 4 brings a brand new design concept to its users in the compact hatchback class. It proves this with its dimensions; With a width of 1,83 meters, a compact length of 4,40 meters and a height of 1,47 meters, the car offers an impressive appearance. The profile combines fluidity with sharp lines. Hidden door handles harmonize with the sculptural surfaces in the side design. The proportion of body design and large wheels with aerodynamic design and 19-inch wheels comes from the DS Aero Sport Lounge concept. Thanks to this, the car has a magnificent and special appearance. At the rear, the roof reaches far down with the steep curve of the enamel-printed rear window, which is a testament to technical know-how. The silhouette is as elegant as it is aerodynamically effective. The rear fenders reveal a fit and strong design with their black sharp corners emphasizing the curves and the C-pillar and bearing the DS logo. At the back, there is a new generation original lighting group with laser embossed herringbone effect.

Technological headlights improve both appearance and vision

The front of the DS 4 is characterized by a new, distinctive light signature. As standard, very thin headlights made entirely of LEDs are offered. In addition to the headlights; It also includes daytime running lights, consisting of two LED lines on both sides, a total of 98 LEDs. DS WINGS, one of the DS Automobiles design signatures, connects the headlights and the grille. In addition, the long hood provides movement, adding a dynamic look to the silhouette. The more dynamic DS 4 PERFORMANCE LINE, on the other hand, features black exterior decorations (DS WINGS, trim strip between the rear light cluster, grille and side window frames) with a black design package, as well as striking black alloy wheels and a special interior design concept generously covered with Alcantara®.

Simple and refined interior design


DS 4 draws attention with its special design that will increase the premium car feeling it gives from the outside, even higher when you move to the interior. The model has a digital, fluid and ergonomic interior. Each piece, whose design is considered as well as its functions, is interconnected as a whole. Travel art is showcased using a new control layout grouped in three interface zones to make the experience easier. Clous de Paris embroideries inspired by master watchmakers and the hidden ventilation outlets of DS AIR attract attention. This makes the center console design fluid and elegant. The interior of the DS 4 consists of two unified areas: a contact zone for comfort and an interactive zone for different interfaces. Two-tone app for window controls designed to trigger cognitive perception. Using different types of leather and Alcantara® among its materials, new upholstery techniques, the interior design of DS 4 combines elegance and technology.

Feel the difference with the customizable environment

The sense of harmony inside is emphasized by customizable ambient lighting. In this way, it was indirectly aimed to emphasize the side design and contribute to the feeling of dynamic serenity.

Efficiency is at the forefront

The DS 130 model, which is offered with the BlueHDi 4 engine option in Turkey, is combined with an 8-speed fully automatic transmission. With this engine, which has 130 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, the DS 4 can complete its acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 10,9 seconds. One of the most striking features of the model, which has a top speed of 203 km / h, is fuel consumption. DS 4, where efficiency is at the forefront, offers this performance with a mixed fuel consumption of 100 liters per 3,8 kilometers.

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