Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Are Electrified

Mercedes Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Are Electrified
Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Are Electrified

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles electrifies all its models by setting strong leadership targets with its electric mobility strategy. With the EQT Marco Polo concept, Mercedes-Benz presents the first example of an all-electric and full-fledged micro camper light commercial vehicle based on the EQT, equipped with numerous innovations for this segment.Mercedes-Benz EQT (combined power consumption (WLTP): 18,99 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions (WLTP): 0 g/km).

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles systematically electrifies all model series, setting solid leadership goals in electric mobility in its strategy. With the EQT Marco Polo concept, the company presents the first example of the new, fully electric and fully-fledged micro camper light commercial vehicle based on the EQT equipped with many innovations for the segment. The Mercedes-Benz EQT (combined power consumption (WLTP): 2023 kWh/18,99 km; combined CO100 emissions (WLTP): 2 g/km) values, which is expected to go on sale in the second half of 0, also draws attention. As innovative as a product in its own right, the Marco Polo combines the interchangeability of the T-Class, the level of high-end equipment with the advantages of an all-electric drive. According to the statement made by the company; Marco Polo1will be the first example of a practical camper solution for all-electric short trips in the near future.

Klaus Rehkugler, Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager; “The future for us is electricity, whatever the size or purpose of a light commercial. The latest example of this strategic route is the new EQT with all-electric drive. With the Marco Polo Module, we have a basic solution for an all-electric campervan that will be available in the near future. In the second half of 2023, full-fledged and the same zamWe are currently planning to further expand our product range with an all-electric micro camper. The Concept EQT Marco Polo already gives a glimpse of the upcoming production vehicle. As the name suggests, we are expanding our Marco Polo family with both products based on EQT.”

A new full-fledged micro-camp with all-electric drive comes off the light commercial belt

Concept EQT Marco Polo1differs from the EQT with its long wheelbase. The concept vehicle to be produced is a first look at the all-electric and full-fledged Mercedes-Benz star micro camper currently under development. Concept EQT Marco Polo1The exterior equipment includes a sunroof with a sunroof bed. Thanks to the scissor design, the sunroof can be easily lifted at a slight angle of inclination to the vehicle roof. In this way, the Concept EQT Marco Polo1 It offers enough room to stand in the back. In addition, the pop-up roof can be opened completely with a zipper at the back or as a window for the familiar feeling of camping freedom. Marco Polo also has a sleeping area measuring 1,97 meters by 97 centimeters on the attic bed.1It provides a high level of sleeping comfort with its point elastic disc spring system. On the other hand, there is a folding sleeping area at the back of the vehicle measuring 2 meters by 1,15 meters. In the vehicle, where all details are considered for user comfort in the interior design, there is a built-in washing system and a built-in 16-liter compressor cooler on the second row of seats behind the driver's seat. Two benches directly above the system docked to the second seat offer the necessary space for the preparation of daily food needs. There is another seat (facing the rear cockpit) on the left inside of the vehicle. In addition, the built-in drawer system integrated into this seat offers sufficient storage space for camping accessories. An induction hob and a flexible removable gas cartridge burner, as well as a drawer that can be removed from the car, await campers. On the right side of the vehicle (facing towards the rear cockpit), there is a folding table that can also be electrically adjusted in height.

Marco Polo, where all the furniture units in the interior are designed to be easily removed by two people in less than 5 minutes.1 It can also be used as a daily tool if necessary. With its height of less than two meters, the vehicle is designed to easily enter all garages, multi-storey car parks and car washes in the future. Concept EQT Marco Polo1's furniture is not only functional, it also fits perfectly into the high-quality interior of the new EQT. In the living concept of the electric small light commercial, there is ARTICO artificial leather/MICROCUT seat upholstery in the kitchen, bench and bedroom elements, as well as the seats. By the way, the furniture facade panels are made of Avola cherry wood for contrast. Ambient lighting in common areas also plays a leading role in creating the right atmosphere. The upper bed area has a dark headliner and LED lighting. In total, there are 7 USB slots, one in the sunroof area and two in the living area of ​​the micro caravan.

The future long-wheelbase version of the EQT, which served as the basis for the concept car, is painted in chromite gray metallic with black high-gloss contrast elements. Among these items, the front and rear black painted chrome plating and special 19-inch diamond-cut wheels make the vehicle stand out in traffic. The beige hue of the pop-up roof is also present in other elements of the vehicle, such as the awning. Reddish accents on the trunk and rim also bring the color into play.

Concept EQT Marco Polo1Another eye-catching feature is the solar panel on the pop-up roof. This panel and, in addition, a removable battery unit provide the camping unit with sufficient energy to sustain itself for a certain period of time, while maintaining the vehicle's range. The additional battery is stored in a drawer in the seat during use. For charging, it can be easily removed and charged at home or even at the campsite. Other highlights include an innovative dimming system for the side-mounted awning and rear windows. These can be colored with the touch of a button.

“A new spin on the classics”: Enjoying camping without wasting time with the Marco Polo Module

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the first practical solution for basic camping requirements in the near future with the Marco Polo Module, which will be available for the new EQT, which can be flexibly mounted and removed and has a short wheelbase. With the standard bed and optional kitchen unit, the EQT immediately becomes a simple travel companion.

Marco Polo, which has a sleeping surface measuring 2 meters by 1,15 meters1It provides ergonomic lying comfort up to the edges with its point elastic disc spring system and ten-centimeter-thick mattress. When additional space is required inside the vehicle, the bed frame can be pulled forward or folded to create space. When in motion, the folding bed frame is in the load compartment. In this way, the rear seats can be used later without restrictions. For high sleeping comfort, standard equipment includes manually attachable dimming elements for the window panes and an insect-proof ventilation grille that can be clamped between the windows and the frame. There are also two window pockets between the C-pillar and D-pillar for standard, smaller items.

The optional kitchen includes a sink with a 12-litre water tank, a 15-litre compressor refrigerator and a cooktop with flexibly removable gas cartridges. Also, the drawers in the kitchen unit provide space for cutlery, crockery and supplies. In addition, the optional kitchen unit comes with two camping chairs and a table. The table can be used outdoors or, for the first time in this segment, it can be attached to the center console inside the EQT. If there is no need for a bed or kitchen unit, it can be assembled and removed in a few easy steps and in a short time thanks to its light weight. When fitted, it can be secured to the lashing eyes in the luggage compartment.

The entire Marco Polo Module comes in a sleek, clean design and anthracite colour. This design fits perfectly with the high-quality interior of the all-electric small van. In addition, the Mercedes star and lettering show its clear commitment to the brand. Marco Polo Module, close zamIt can be ordered directly from Mercedes-Benz branches and dealers at any time.

[1] Electronically restricted.

The new Mercedes-Benz EQT: the basis for innovative camping solutions and much more

New EQT only Concept EQT Marco Polo and Marco Polo1 Not only does it form the basis of the module, zamnow offers an attractive introduction to the all-electric world of the brand with the star logo, for families as well as active people who love outdoor activities and camping lovers.

The new EQT is easily recognizable as a member of the Mercedes-EQ family, thanks to its Black Panel radiator grille with a central star and dynamically designed cooling flaps. The electric small light commercial combines compact exterior dimensions with ample space. same zamAt the same time, it offers almost the same interchangeability and functionality in the interior as a fueled T-Class, with the battery being placed under the body in a protected and space-saving way and at a very low center of gravity. The EQT stands out with its length of 4.498 millimeters, a width of 1.859 millimeters and a height of 1.819 millimeters. In 2023, it will be possible to see a long-wheelbase variant on the roads.

Just like the T-Class, the new EQT offers many benefits that make everyday life easy and comfortable for families and outdoor activity lovers. Among them is the low loading threshold of just 561 millimeters. This threshold makes it easier to load heavy objects. The sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle each offer an opening of 614 millimeters wide and 1059 millimeters high. This provides easy access to the rear, while loading can be done flexibly from three sides, including the tailgate. The rear row seat has room for three child seats.

modern electric motor

Marco Polo launched with an electric motor with a maximum output of 90 kW (122 hp) and a torque of 245 Newton meters1The 45 kWh lithium-ion battery is located in a crash-proof position on the underbody in front of the rear axle. The battery can be conveniently charged at 22 kW with alternating current (AC) using the built-in charger, at work, at home or at public charging stations. It enables further acceleration in fast charging stations using direct current (DC) depending on the SoC (State of Charge) and the temperature of the high voltage battery. Since the EQT is equipped with an 80 kW DC charger, it can reach a charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in 38 minutes. The EQT is front-charged under the Mercedes star, which provides a practical and convenient charging opportunity, especially when charging in tight parking situations in the city. A CCS charging plug and CCS charging cable are also included as standard for AC and DC charging on the EQT.

Sustainable business strategy covering the entire lifecycle

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles systematically electrifies all model series by setting solid leadership goals in electric mobility in its strategy. As of today, customers, fleet owners and bodybuilders can choose between four battery-electric models. These are: eVito panel van, eSprinter, eVito Tourer and EQV. With the EQT, Mercedes-Benz's electrified portfolio will soon be expanded to include the small light commercial segment. In the near future, Mercedes-Benz will also increasingly address the trend of ex-factory eCampers.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles is pursuing the goal of making all new private and commercial light commercial fleet sales carbon neutral by 2039, as part of its sustainable business strategy “Ambition 2039”. To achieve this ambitious goal, Mercedes-Benz will invest €2030 billion in the development of battery electric vehicles by 40. From 2025, all newly launched Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles will be electric only. To this end, Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles is developing a new, modular and fully electric light commercial architecture called VAN.EA. The company plans to invest in the development of this platform and manufacturing facilities for all-electric medium and large light commercial vehicles.

EQT Specifications

Traction system Front drive
electric motor on front axle Model Continuously driven synchronous motor
Maximum engine power kW 90
Maximum transmission torque output Nm 245
Maximum speed[1] km / s 134
Usable energy capacity of the battery kWh 45
AC charging time (22 kW) S 2,5
Maximum DC charging capacity kW 80
DC charging time in fast charging station dk 38
Traction System
Total COemission 0 g / km
Mixed power consumption (WLTP) 18.99 kWh / 100 km
Range (WLTP) 282 km
Charging standard CCS
Charging time at wallbox or public charging point (AC charging, max. 22 kW) 2,5 h (0-100%)
Charging time at fast charging point (DC, max. 80 kW) 38 min (To increase charge status from 10% to 80%)
Voltage 400 V
Traction system Front wheel drive
Maximum engine power 90 kW (122 hp)
Balanced engine power 51 kW (69 hp)
Maximum torque 245 Nm
Maximum speed 134 km / h
high voltage battery Lithium-ion
Battery capacity (available) 45 kWh
Battery capacity (installed) 46 kWh
front axle McPherson type (with triangular wishbone and anti-roll bar)
rear axle Rigid axle with Panhard rod
Brake system Cooled disc front and rear, ABS, ESP®
Steering wheel Electrically assisted rack and pinion power steering
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2.716 mm
Track width, front/rear 1.585/1.606 mm
Length / Width / Height 4.498/1.819/1.859
turning diameter 11,20 meters
Maximum length of the loading section 1804 mm
Maximum luggage volume 5.51 – 1.979 liters
Curb weight (in EU Commission standard) 1.874 2.015-kg
Loading capacity 375 516-kg
Maximum Permissible Weight 2.390 kg
Maximum roof load 80 kilograms (with roof rack)
Towing capacity, with/without brake up to 1.500/ 750 kg

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