Electric Opel Mokka-e in Turkey

Electric Opel Mokka e in Turkey
Electric Opel Mokka-e in Turkey

Opel has pre-sold the electric version of Mokka, which it put on sale in 2021, in a limited number in Turkey. While the Mokka-e draws attention as the first new generation electric model offered for sale by Opel in Turkey, it stands out in its class with its range of 327 kilometers.

Mokka-e, which has reached the sale of approximately 13 thousand units since the day it hit the roads in Europe, is on the pre-sale at 17 different dealers of Opel Turkey with 1-year automobile insurance, 120-month 12% interest financing campaign for 0 thousand TL and 1-year e-charge balance gifts. While offered, it is waiting for electric SUV owners with a price starting from 909 thousand 900 TL.

Offering an environmentally friendly driving opportunity with its emission-free driving, Mokka-e marks a turning point for the German brand's commitment to produce only electric models by 2028.

The Opel Mokka-e was offered for pre-sale in limited numbers at 17 different Opel Turkey dealers located in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Eskişehir, Balıkesir, İzmir, Aydın, Muğla, Antalya and Kayseri.

The powerful and extremely quiet electromotor introduced in the Mokka-e produces 100 Kilowatts (136 HP) of power and a maximum torque of 260 nanometers from the first moment of movement.

While driving, one of three different driving modes: "Normal, Eco and Sport" can be selected. With its single-rate automatic transmission, Mokka-e can transfer all its power to the road without interruption with the first touch of the gas. Mokka-e accelerates from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour in 3,7 seconds, and accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 9,2 seconds.

The 50 kilowatt-hour battery used in the Mokka-e offers an electric driving range of up to 327 kilometers. The tool supports all possible charging solutions from single-phase to three-phase 11 kilowatts for wall box, high-speed charging or household socket. The speed is electronically limited to 50 kilowatt-hours to conserve the energy and range stored in the 150 kilowatt-hour battery. A 80 kilowatt DC fast charging system, which allows charging 30 percent of the battery in just 100 minutes, is standard on the Mokka-e.

In addition, the Mokka-e contributes to the range by charging its battery while driving, thanks to its regenerative braking system. The charging socket socket located under the fuel tank cap in conventional motorized versions brings user habits to the fore.

The new Mokka family is based on the new version of Opel's highly efficient multi-energy platform CMP (Common Modular Platform). This lightweight and efficient modular system offers flexibility in vehicle development, allowing the installation of fully electric engines as well as internal combustion engines.

The engineering team in Rüsselsheim has achieved weight savings of up to 120 kilograms compared to the previous generation. With its battery structure integrated into the base of the vehicle, Mokka-e also stands out as a model that responds much faster and consumes less energy.

Opel continues its tradition of bringing many innovative technologies from the upper vehicle classes to the masses with the Mokka-e model. Mokka-e is equipped with 16 new generation driving assistance systems that increase driving safety and driving comfort. Many of these systems are standard on the Mokka-e.

Among the technologies offered as standard; There are active emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, front collision warning, active lane tracking system, 180-degree panoramic rear view camera and traffic sign detection system. Many additional features such as adaptive cruise control with stop-go feature, advanced active lane tracking system with lane centering feature, blind spot warning system, and advanced parking pilot are offered to drivers in Mokka-e.

Opel Mokka-e is equipped with many comfort elements such as automatic air conditioning, keyless entry and start system, rain and headlight sensors. It also comes standard with an electric handbrake. Mokka-e also has smart lighting modes consisting of 14 separate LED modules and IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights.

The high-end Multimedia Navi Pro with a 10 inch color touch screen meets all the needs of drivers. Integrating with Opel's new Pure Panel, the screens are positioned facing the driver. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible multimedia systems make life easier with their voice command feature. The energy consumption indicator on the 12-inch digital instrument panel allows the driver to follow all the information about consumption without distracting the driver.

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