Domestic Car TOGG will enter the European market in 2024

Domestic Car TOGG Will Enter The European Market
Domestic Car TOGG will enter the European market in 2024

New developments have come to the fore regarding the date when Turkey's domestic and national car, TOGG, will enter the European market. While TOGG's ecosystem work continues without slowing down, CEO Gürcan Karakaş, known as its top manager in this process, also made important statements about the future of the brand.

TOGG CEO Karakaş stated that they will be promoting the market area as of the end of March for the new year and said, “We are planning to enter the European market at the end of 2024. We have not yet made a clear prioritization on the basis of countries with our board of directors.

When we look around, most of the new generation vehicle manufacturers first start with the Scandinavian countries in the North, because they are more open to new brands, more open to electric vehicles, and their infrastructures are more widespread.

From there they come to Germany and France, which we call Central Europe. We will most likely proceed in this way.” used the phrases.

TOGG CEO Karakaş stated that he was taken to Germany for a test about TOGG, which was seen in Berlin two weeks ago and went viral on social media.

Expressing that they sent the produced vehicles to the tests, Karakaş said, “The vehicles go through a long preparation process on the way to the tests, not just documentation and calibration.

Feedback can come from tests. As some say, we do not produce and produce and set aside. So we really don't have it. That vehicle had come to Germany for our tests with the German company. We got caught on Twitter while parking.” said.

Following these statements by Gürcan Karakaş, it was announced that TOGG will officially enter the European market by 2024.

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