Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 Coming Soon

Dacia Jogger Hybrid Coming Soon
Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 Coming Soon

Dacia's seven-seater family car, the Jogger, has so far been a great success, with over 83.000 orders and sales of over 51.000 units in the countries where it is available. In less than a year, the Jogger became the second most preferred car for retail customers in the C-segment excluding the SUV class.

Two-thirds of Jogger customers opted for the ECO-G 100 engine, choosing Dacia's LPG expertise. In addition, two-thirds of customers preferred the highest trim level. The Jogger will continue to be successful with the HYBRID 140 engine, which will soon be available with an automatic transmission and clutchless gearbox.

Dacia's First Hybrid Motor Vehicle Jogger Hybrid To Be Available Soon

“Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 will be available soon”

Jogger HYBRIT 140, the first Dacia model with hybrid technology, planned to be put on sale in Turkey in April, will be produced at the Romanian Mioventi Factory and is of great importance for the brand's transition to electric.

In addition to the existing body colors, the Dacia Jogger will be offered to users in the hybrid model-specific "Mineral Grey" color. The Jogger HYBRID 140 will appeal to families and other users looking for a spacious, multi-purpose car suitable for both city life and outdoor activities.

Jogger HYBRID 140 same zamIt will be a prominent option for users who want to take advantage of the advantages of using electric vehicles at the same time. Jogger HYBRID 140, which will offer quiet, smooth, vibration-free, fully electric starting performance, will increase driving pleasure with advantages such as instant acceleration with its high torque value.

Dacia's First Hybrid Motor Vehicle Jogger Hybrid To Be Available Soon

“The Jogger is the all-purpose family tool that focuses on what it should be”

The Jogger combines the length of a Station Wagon, the width of an MPV and the character of an SUV. Being strong and durable as well as having superior driving and handling features, the Jogger offers excellent comfort features for all passengers, including adults sitting in the third row.

Dacia Jogger was designed with hybrid engine and battery integration in mind while still in development. battery, same zamIt is located under the vehicle floor in the spare wheel compartment where the LPG tank is located in the ECO-G 100 version.

The Jogger HYBRID 140 hits the road with an automatic transmission with "B mode", which enhances engine braking while increasing its regenerative braking function. The use of this mode increases driving comfort in city driving and provides more energy recovery. Thanks to this function, the driver can reduce the use of the brake pedal.

The Jogger HYBRID 140 has a distinctive 7-inch instrument cluster. The screen, which the driver can customize depending on his preference, shows basic information such as battery charge level, remaining range and energy flow. The Jogger HYBRID 140 is also equipped as standard with an electric parking brake, a closed storage compartment and a high center console with an armrest for added comfort.

Dacia's First Hybrid Motor Vehicle Jogger Hybrid To Be Available Soon

“Hybrid 140, proven and efficient technology”

Together with the Jogger, the hybrid engine enters the Dacia product range. With its hybrid powertrain and 140 hp total system power, Jogger offers the best fuel consumption and CO2 emission values ​​in its product range. The system utilizes a proven technology that is widely used in the Renault Group. It consists of an advanced solution: a four-cylinder 90-liter gasoline engine producing 1,6 hp, two electromotors (a 50 hp engine combined with a high-voltage starter generator) and four gears connected to the internal combustion engine and a two-speed automatic transmission connected to the electromotor.

The high energy recovery level of the battery with a capacity of 1,2 kWh (230V) with the brake energy recovery system, as well as the efficiency of the automatic transmission, brings with it important usage advantages:

“All-electric driving in 80% of urban uses, up to 40% more fuel economy compared to an internal combustion engine in similar usage conditions.”

Jogger's all-electric traction and automatic transmission at the moment of first movement increase the energy performance by giving the vehicle a comfortable and easy-to-drive structure. When the driver brakes or slows down, the battery charges, creating a unique hybrid experience. The Jogger HYBRID 140 can reach a range of over 900 km in the WLTP average cycle. In the Jogger HYBRID 140, the battery is offered with an eight-year or 160.000 km warranty.

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