Toyota Starts Production of 5th Generation Hybrid Technology in Europe

Toyota Begins to Produce Generation Hybrid Technology in Europe
Toyota Starts Production of 5th Generation Hybrid Technology in Europe

Toyota is making preparations to produce the latest generation hybrid system, which offers higher performance and higher fuel efficiency, at its European facilities. Toyota, 2023th generation hybrid technology to be used in the 5 model year Corolla will also be produced in Europe.

The new hybrid system will be produced in Toyota's Poland and UK factories and will take its place in Corolla models that come off the band in Turkey and the UK.

Production of the 5th generation hybrid engines and transmissions will begin with the upgrade of seven production lines, with an investment of 77 million euros at the Polish plant and 541 euros at the UK plant.

Toyota manufactures the MG1 and MG2 electric motors and hybrid transmissions in Poland, while these components will be combined with the 5-litre petrol engine in the UK to form the 1.8th generation hybrid drivetrain.

The 5th generation Toyota hybrid technology stands out with its lighter, more compact and higher power electric motors. The new hybrid technology, which offers lower consumption and CO2 emissions with the greater amount of electric driving in daily driving, zamIt also provides higher performance. The 140-liter hybrid engine with 1.8 PS improved the 0-100 km/h acceleration by 1.7 seconds compared to the previous generation, reducing it to 9.2 seconds.

Toyota hybrid technology continues to be preferred by more and more users in Europe. In the last 4 years, the proportion of hybrid vehicles in Toyota European sales has increased from 30 percent to 66 percent, increasing its importance.

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