Karsan Awarded at Global Brand Awards 2022

Award from Karsana Global Brand Awards
Karsan Awarded at Global Brand Awards 2022

Karsan was deemed worthy of the “Europe's Most Innovative Commercial Vehicle Brand” award at the Global Brand Awards 2022. Offering advanced technology mobility solutions with the vision of being "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility", Karsan continues to crown its achievements with global awards.

Pioneering the transformation of electric public transportation for a sustainable future, the company continues to draw attention as it has become the first and only European brand that can meet the needs of public transportation from 6 meters to 18 meters.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş, who underlined that by developing innovative e-mobility solutions, they took steps to exist first in Europe and then in North America, said, “2022 has been a year in which we have been rewarded for our efforts and were deemed worthy of many global awards. We won the Sustainable Bus of The Year 12 award in urban public transportation with our 2023-meter electric e-ATA model. Then, we came first in the 'Extraordinary Brand Transformation' category at the 'Global Business Excellence' awards with our electric transformation journey 'Karsan Electric Evolution' strategy.” said.

Stating that Karsan continues to be a source of pride for Turkey, Baş said, “Karsan has made significant progress in the mobility solutions it offers with innovative technologies in the last five years and has become the pioneer of the global electric evolution in public transportation. This latest award won by our brand shows that the vision we have set is correct and that we are able to offer much more to the market than a commercial vehicle manufacturer.” he said.

Stating that Karsan is able to produce solutions for all needs of public transportation with its product range extending from 6 meters to 18 meters, Baş said, “I would like to thank this valuable organization that deemed the innovative solutions developed in line with Karsan's vision worthy of an award.” said.

The electric story that started with e-JEST continued with hydrogen

Leading the electric transformation for a sustainable future in public transportation, Karsan developed mobility solutions suitable for this and put them into service first in Europe and then in North America. Karsan, which started this transformation with its 2018-meter electric minibus e-JEST at the end of 6, continued its move in 2019 with the 8-meter model e-ATAK.

Karsan, which changed all the balances in the market with the driverless Autonomous e-ATAK, which was a new milestone in 2021, continued its growth with the e-ATA product family of 2021-10-12 meters at the end of 18. Thus, Karsan has become the first and only European brand that can meet the needs of all sizes of public transportation from 6 meters to 18 meters.

Finally, Karsan, which draws attention with its fuel cell 2022-meter e-ATA Hydrogen, which is in the future of the electric transformation journey in 12, continues to add new pages to its transformation story in the field of mobility.

More than 500 Karsan models carry Europeans

Serving all over Europe, from France to Romania, Italy to Portugal, Luxembourg to Germany, with more than 500 electric models, the brand offers e-JEST, the first electric minibus of North America. i also launched in Canada. On the other hand, Karsan once again attracted attention by starting to carry ticketed passengers with an autonomous vehicle for the first time on a normal public transportation line in Europe with Autonomous e-ATAK in 2022.

Extending across continents to Michigan State University, Karsan continues to carry passengers on the university campus with Autonomous e-ATAK. Karsan, which is the market leader in Europe with its e-JEST and e-ATAK models developed with BMW's proven electric batteries, won the "Sustainable Bus of the Year 12" award in urban public transportation with its 2023-meter e-ATA model.

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