What is a Butcher, What Does He Do, How To Become? Butcher Salaries 2022

What Is A Butcher What Does It Do How To Be A Butcher
What is a Butcher, What Does He Do, How to Become Butcher Salaries 2022

Butcher is defined as a person who supplies meat products such as poultry, cattle and fish, takes part in the slaughter and prepares them and presents them to the customer. The answer to the question of what is a butcher can be given as a short answer to the question of what is a butcher, it is a professional group that slaughters animals or sells slaughtered animals. Butchers work to reach consumers with healthier and more delicious meat. In order to carry out these operations, the people who will be butchers must receive the necessary training and certificates. People who have knowledge and knowledge of the stages in the process from the slaughter of animals to their delivery to the consumer can be the answer to the question of who is the butcher. In order to more clearly answer the question of what the butcher does, it is necessary to examine what the duties and responsibilities of the butchers are.

What Does a Butcher Do, What Are His Duties and Responsibilities?

Butchers take part in the preparation processes of red and white meat in line with their skills and training. The butcher carefully prepares the meat, taking into account the demands of its customers. It separates the meat from the bones. It keeps the meat that will reach the customers from spoiling, and makes the boneless meats into minced meat. He classifies the ground meat he prepares as fatty, low-fat or lean. It performs the packaging process by cutting the meat of poultry into pieces such as breast and thigh. It divides and packs red meat into sections such as tenderloin, ribeye, shank. It prepares processed meat products such as sausage and sausage by performing the slaughtering and shredding operations of animals. The butcher does the cleaning and maintenance of the materials used in the workplace. It chops the meat as cubes or according to the shape requested by the customer. The butcher also carries out the process of preparing meatballs from minced meat.

Butchers also prepare sauces to be used in meats with their knowledge and skills. It prepares the spices to be used in products such as meatballs and sausage and informs its customers about how the meat should be fried and cooked according to their types. It informs its customers about the meat it sells. It provides separation of fat and nerves of meat. It also allows the use of leftovers from animals. Controls the general condition of meat obtained from animals. Gets information about whether meat is healthy and how fatty it is. It ensures that the meat is cut in accordance with the weights requested by the customers.

Butcher also performs the label changing tasks assigned to him in the business he works for. It enables the preparation of labels, and processes the prices on the products. It follows the procurement process of meat products and ensures that the products reach the enterprise without any problems. For this reason, examples related to the business can be given in response to the question of what the butcher does. The butcher sells the products. It examines whether the meat coming to the enterprise can be used. In case of meat-related problems, it contacts the supplier company. Performs meat purchases. It allows the meat to be placed in the warehouse. It performs the necessary controls to ensure that the meat in the warehouse does not deteriorate and ensures that the meat in the warehouse is brought to the aisle. People who will carry out the butchery profession also have various responsibilities. These responsibilities are particularly focused on hygiene and attention. Hands should be clean in processes that require physical contact, and the surroundings should be cleaned while preparing the products. A question like what kind of profession is a butcher can be called a profession that manages the process from slaughtering animals to reaching the customer. For this reason, the processes from obtaining the meat to its presentation are among the duties and responsibilities of the butcher.

What Education Is Required to Become a Butcher?

To become a butcher, you need a certificate of expertise that shows you can do the job. In order to obtain the document, also known as the butcher's certificate, it is necessary to attend an apprenticeship training. The necessary documents to become a butcher are given by vocational training courses. The course is taken by participating in the butchery training of the vocational training courses and then the exam is taken. Those who pass the exam can open a butcher shop or start working as a professional staff by taking their documents. In butchery training, practical lessons such as how to slaughter animals and how to skin them are given. In addition to practical courses, there are also theoretical courses. The training is taken under the supervision of the masters and the masters give the lessons. The training program for being a butcher also includes mathematics lessons, business lessons and job security lessons that will be useful in operating the shop. The answer to the question of how to get a butcher certificate can be given by successfully passing the exam held after you have completed the theoretical and practical training. Thanks to the lessons given in the training, it is learned how to make sausage and sausage. Technical information such as how to remove the internal organs of the animal is also included in the training. The knowledge and skills necessary for the salting processes necessary to prevent the meat from spoiling are gained to the trainees during the training process. There are also separate courses for sacrificing. Just attending these courses is not enough to open a shop or become a butcher. It is also expected to have the necessary experience in this regard. In these courses, training is given for the slaughter of the sacrifice and it is ensured that the butchers work professionally on the feast of sacrifice. Professional staff can improve their knowledge by participating in these courses opened by municipalities.

What are the Requirements for Being a Butcher?

In order to become a butcher, it is necessary to attend vocational training courses and successfully complete the training and obtain a certificate. The answer to the question of what is required to be a butcher is primarily a certificate. The requirements for apprenticeship training that will enable you to obtain a butchery certificate are as follows:

  • be over 14 years old
  • Possess a primary education diploma or higher education diplomas.
  • Being in good health to be suitable for occupation.
  • To conclude an apprenticeship agreement with the owner of the workplace in the profession to be trained.

The answer to the question of how to become a butcher can be given as successfully completing the meat and meat products management training by meeting the necessary conditions. Those who have received training and have a certificate can practice their profession. It is sufficient for those who have the necessary conditions to obtain a certificate to pass the exam to be taken at the end of the training. In order to be able to do this profession, it is not necessary to study a vocational high school or vocational school. The answer to the question of which school should be studied to become a butcher is the Meat and Products Technology section. In this department, which is located in vocational schools, 2-year education is given. The Meat and Products Technology Department, which provides detailed information about meat and its production, is available at Uludag University.

Butcher Salaries 2022

As the butchers progress in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 7.380 TL, the average 9.220 TL, the highest 19.500 TL.

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