What is a Bus Driver, What Does He Do, How to Become? Bus Driver Salaries 2022

What Is A Bus Driver What Does It Do How To Become A Bus Driver Salary
What is a Bus Driver, What Does He Do, How to Become a Bus Driver Salary 2022

People who have the authority to drive buses are called bus drivers. They are people who use buses that can carry a large number of passengers belonging to public or private institutions.

A bus driver is a person who transports people traveling within the city by intercity or international bus. Responsible for ensuring that passengers and their belongings reach their destination safely.

What Does a Bus Driver Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The main duty of bus drivers is to ensure that passengers travel safely. For this reason, the bus driver must be extremely careful and fulfill his responsibilities completely.

  • Getting the passenger list and making sure of the information before departure,
  • Supervising bus workers,
  • Ensuring the maintenance and order of the bus,
  • To ensure the safe transportation of passengers,
  • To obey the traffic rules,
  • Provide first aid when necessary
  • To ensure that passengers are picked up and unloaded from appropriate points.

What It Takes to Become a Bus Driver

Those who have graduated from the bus captain (driver) department of vocational schools or who have taken the vocational training given in private driving courses and have successfully passed the exams prepared by the Ministry of National Education can become bus drivers. In order to get an E class driver's license and a commercial vehicle driving license (T4), it is necessary to be at least a primary school graduate and to be 23 years old.

What Education Is Required To Become A Bus Driver?

The duration of vocational training and the required training vary according to the institution where the training will be received. While the duration of the training given in the bus captain department of the higher schools is 2 years, the training period given in the private driving courses is 2 months.

Regardless of the institution of vocational education, people who want to be a bus driver; traffic, first aid, motor, transportation law, behavioral sciences, applied driver training, anger management, vehicle maintenance, insurance, business knowledge and driving psychology.

Bus Driver Salaries 2022

As the bus driver progresses in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 7.870 TL, the average 9.840 TL, the highest 21.120 TL.

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