TOGG Experience Center Opened in Istanbul

TOGG Experience Center Opened in Istanbul
TOGG Experience Center Opened in Istanbul

Turkey's domestic automobile TOGG's first "Experience Center" was opened in Istanbul. Users will see TOGG closely in 7 experience centers to be established in 20 regions and have the opportunity to examine its digital features.

Described as "more than just an automobile", TOGG's Technology Campus was inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 29, Republic Day. At the opening, TOGG's first smart device, the C-SUV, was taken off the mass production line.

The first Experience Center of TOGG, the pride of Turkey, was opened in Istanbul. In 7 Experience Centers to be established in 20 regions, users will be able to examine Togg closely.

In the Experience Center, the cockpit section with digital screens will welcome the users, as in TOGG. Users will have the opportunity to see TOGG live, not only with the simulation, when they arrive.

C-Sedan and CX Coupe appeared

In the statement made by Togg, it was stated that after the first smart device came off the band, work continued for the C-Sedan and CX Coupe models.

In the statement, "While we unloaded our first smart device, the C-SUV, we wanted to introduce you to the C-Sedan and CX Coupé, whose work continues in line with our plans." it was said.

Price will be announced in February

President Erdoğan said, “Pre-sale and order conditions will be announced by the company when the time comes. Of course, one of the most curious issues is what will be the price of the vehicle? We will decide together with the brave ones that the price of TOGG will be determined in a way that will ensure its competitiveness in market conditions. It is both correct and impossible to announce the price of a product that will be released to the market at the end of March next year. I think the price of TOGG will be announced in February, when the pre-sale will start.”

TOGG is expected to be put on the road in March 2023 after the completion of the international technical qualification tests.

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