Audi Redesigned Logo

Audi Redesigned Logo
Audi Redesigned Logo

Audi has changed its four-ring logo. The new logo, which has gained a two-dimensional appearance, will be used starting from the Audi Q8 e-tron model.

Audi has redesigned its iconic four-ring logo, giving it a new two-dimensional look. In the new logo, the chrome-plated rings are replaced by plain white rings and a deep black color that emphasizes these rings.

The new Logo will be used starting with the Q8 e-tron. Audi standardizes the font style with the updated logo, now the model variant information of the cars will be located on the B pillars of the car with the Audi Type font.

About the new logo, Brand Strategist Frederik Kalisch said, “This design represents two new trends; Brave, pure and clean”, while Designer André Georgi said, “Today chrome rings represent high quality, but we believe we have found the “new chrome”. The clarity of the new white and black makes our corporate identity flawless. "The thin black border around the rings provides a consistent, premium look regardless of the car's paintwork or radiator grille."

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