Mercedes-EQ Pioneers Electric Vehicle Transformation

Mercedes EQ Leads Electric Vehicle Transformation
Mercedes-EQ Pioneers Electric Vehicle Transformation

5 members of the Mercedes-EQ family in Antakya; Carrying out test drives with EQC, EQS, EQE, EQA and EQB, Mercedes-Benz also held different events to show the importance it attaches to nature and sustainability and to raise awareness in addition to its vehicle experience. The effect of carbon footprint measurement and the individual behavior of the participants on the nature was discussed, and the Mercedes-EQ olive tree area was created in Antakya.

Today, where the concept of sustainability is gaining more and more importance, the trend towards electric vehicles is also increasing remarkably. While the world has witnessed radical technological transformations in recent years, automotive is one of the sectors that are both affected by this change and directing the process. Mercedes-Benz, which aims to sell completely electric in all possible markets in the next 10 years, plays a pioneering role in this field with its fully electric EQ family.

Mercedes-EQ: forward-looking and environmentally friendly

Mercedes-EQ is the all-electric car and technology sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. EQ, which is future-oriented and environmentally friendly with full electromobility, fully electric power, offering zero emissions, silent and brand new electric driving pleasure, also has advantages such as sporty acceleration, flexible and powerful range and the latest and pioneering technological equipment. The eco-friendly cars offer strikingly powerful and stepless acceleration with maximum torque from the moment of departure without sacrificing driving pleasure.

EQC: The first model of Mercedes-EQ in Turkey

The EQC, which set off at the end of 2020, is the first fully electric model of the Mercedes-EQ brand offered for sale in Turkey. The EQC is an electric SUV that stands out as a symbol of modern luxury while representing an avant-garde and independent aesthetic. Its extremely lightened lines instantly make a striking first impression, while at the same time zamAt the same time, it reflects an impressive purity, calmness and modernity. The use of resource-conserving materials such as recycled plastic and renewable raw materials in vehicles is constantly being developed. In this sense, the high-quality seat upholstery “Response”, developed for the first time for EQC, consists of 100 percent recycled PET bottles. Recycled plastics are also used in the spare wheel well lining or the linings under the engine room.

EQS: Mercedes-EQ's first all-electric sedan in the luxury class

EQS, the brand's first fully electric sedan car in the luxury class, went on sale in Turkey this year. EQS stands out for being the first model with a luxury and upper class electric car modular architecture. Combining pioneering innovations in technology and innovation with brand new features such as MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) Hyperscreen, EQS focuses on both the driver and passenger. EQS, which can be charged up to 31 percent in just 80 minutes at fast charging stations,zamThe i can offer a range of 649 km. Dreaming of a world where every breath is cleaner than the previous one and where not a single plastic is thrown on the earth, Mercedes-Benz reduces carbon emissions to zero in its electric cars and continues this transformation without slowing down by using recycled materials. In addition to microfiber, the interior of the EQS uses a variety of high-quality fabrics made from up to 100 percent recycled PET bottles. The floor coverings at EQS are made by combining nylon threads from recycled carpets and fishing nets. Focusing on the use of natural fibers and textiles to replace traditional plastics with renewable raw materials, the resource-saving materials used in the production of EQS by Mercedes-Benz total 80 kilograms. The production of the EQS takes place carbon-neutrally at Factory 56 in Sindelfingen.

EQE: Charges in 32 minutes, has a range of 554 km

With a range of up to 554 km, EQE can be charged in just 32 minutes at fast charging stations. The highest quality craftsmanship and materials are used in the model, which carries exclusivity and dynamism down to the smallest detail. The EQE's main characteristic, the One-Bow design, follows a single line from back to front, creating a Coupé-like silhouette. This line, which is combined with the radiator panel embroidered with a three-dimensional Mercedes-Benz star on the front, gives a complete integrity to the appearance of the vehicle. In the production of EQE electric vehicles, it is planned to use cable ducts made with UBQ™, a plastic replacement material obtained from household waste.

EQA: reflects the progressive luxury approach of the Mercedes-EQ brand

The EQA is the new entry level into the world of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ. The electric design aesthetic reflects the progressive luxury approach of the Mercedes-EQ brand. Driving assistance systems; For example, equipment such as Exit Blind Spot Assist, DISTRONIC, Active Tracking Assist, and navigation support the driver in many ways. In addition, different Mercedes-Benz features are offered, such as ENERGIZING Comfort and MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience).

EQB: A special place among compact electric cars

For a large nuclear family or a small large family, the seven-seat EQB meets the different needs of families and also offers solutions to different transportation needs. With this feature, it occupies a special position among compact electric cars. The two seats in the third row can be used by passengers up to 1,65 metres. Child car seats can also be fitted to these seats. The EQB is the second all-electric compact car in the Mercedes-EQ range, after the EQA. Features such as powerful and efficient electric power-training system, intelligent energy recovery feature and Navigation based on Electric Intelligence technology are some of the common features with EQA.

Bekdikhan; “As the brand that offers electric cars in the most segments in Turkey, our goal is to maintain this momentum and maintain our leading position in electric cars as well”

Şükrü Bekdikhan, President of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automobile Group, stated that within the scope of Ambition 2039 plan, they aim to be carbon neutral in all value chains, from development to supplier network, from production to electrification of products, to renewable energy sources, and Mercedes-EQ is an important part of this strategy. stated that. “Mercedes-EQ is strikingly powerful, high-performance and environmentally friendly. As of the end of October, the share of EQ in our total sales reached 2039 percent with 1.179 sales. We anticipate that 8 percent of our sales this year will belong to our electric vehicles. From 10, all our new vehicle platforms will be electric-only, and customers can choose an all-electric alternative for each model. We are preparing to move to fully electric cars in all possible markets within the next 2025 years. As the brand that currently offers electric cars in the most segments in Turkey, our goal is to maintain this momentum and maintain our leading position in electric cars as well.” said.

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